Connect The Culture: 2020 to the future
When we first envisioned this platform, we simply just set out to establish a central repository for BW youth culture so as to try facilitate a conversation about Botswana Music and urban youth culture. We just to did it because 7-10 years ago Botswana Youth Culture was not searchable... Read more
Connect The Culture: Enjoy streaming while stayng in control
Preference, convenience and overall awesome experience are dominating conversations in the marketing, business growth, operations and go to market  strategies with clients I’ve had the opportunity to interact with. The way we listen to music, order food, purchase clothing, connect with friends and binge on content from anywhere would... Read more
The Awards, The Music & The Value Chain – Part 2
Some of the sponsors on the night will have awarded cash prizes ($$$), some will get endorsement deals and some sponsorships of sorts. We’ve decided to have look at the winners at the 2019 ceremony through the wallet’s eye, the artist’s wallet that is. How are your favorites a.k.a... Read more
The Awards, The Music & The Value Chain – Part 1
It’s awards night at your ‘favorite’ youth urban radio stations music awards night and everybody is arriving at the GICC for a night of celebration; a celebration of music and the people involved in its creation and in some categories those around them. It’s been a tough journey building... Read more
Export Duty: Who is charging it now
Over the years we have seen a number of Batswana (including BW connects) trade their craft outside our borders causing excitement around entertainment enthusiast. Dj’s Not many have achieved what the legendary Dj Fresh has outside BW’s borders, he is arguably the most successful of Batswana that have and... Read more
Searching for purpose: Part 1

Searching for purpose: Part 1

Blog September 17, 2017

When I decided to start this venture I was motivated by a number of things most of which were rooted or arose from my personal passions; which happen to be music, art and most significant of all, people (yeah, PEOPLE). Having plied my trade in the music business for... Read more
Dawn of the new age mediums: Introducing ICE100
We’ve been asking the questions, probing around, wondering what the next steps are for some of the biggest radio talents to come out of Botswana in the last decade with a bevy of them having left previous employment in the last year or two. Well, in case you haven’t... Read more
#EBWSituationRoom – Our entertainment industry’s achilles heel
Earlier in the year a few members of the company I work for and myself had the pleasure of attending the 6th Annual Ideas Expo held in Gaborone, a growing festival that I once looked unto as a mere outsider wondering why made me so unfortunate that I could... Read more
Who is telling our story
We started, started out, Started.. out with nothing, Nothing in our hands, nothing that we could hold, Beheld dreams, in far away in lands where bo Kgogomudumo lived and man conquered them. They used to tell us about them, them that were us. And we would marvel in their... Read more
The Confluence of Influence [Part 1]
An uncle of mine used to play at ‘disco’s’ (ko di diskhong) in the late 80s in the little village of Mogobane where I come from, dudes that new him then called him “Bopha”; never really new what that meant but at the time I sort of did gather... Read more