Stretch’s VoxRated – SaL Angel [ 2 ]
Here is a voice that I am actively jealous of. And as a somewhat accomplished singer in my own right, that’s saying something. AngeL has this thing where he starts off in his extremely rich and booming baritone and then jumps – not slides, jumps – into his serenading... Read more
Stretch’s #VoxRated – Jordan MoOzy [ 1 ]
This is the first of a series of articles thought of, written, curated, and created by the ever-so-talented prouder, musician, writer, and engineer Stretch. It’s an exploration of vocalists in or based in Botswana. He talks about their technical ability, work, and all things we can learn in this... Read more
Chasing goals the SAVAGE way, proof IT really CAN BE
What drives a person to pursue a path despite the obstacles. For some, it is fear of losing everything and ending up on the streets or fear of being mocked by others when failure knocks at your door. For others, it’s a gnawing feeling from an unknown place that... Read more
“Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it”…
First things First…ha ra nyela rotlhe…ba bangwe re shapo..its called privilege. We are not here to talk about that though. The title to this piece is a Jay Z line from the track “Renegade”, on which he features Eminem. That’s the only time any rapper ever killed Jay on... Read more
Music, musings, and visions of moving things forward
I often find myself conversing with fellow creatives, be it producers, rappers, singers, about the state of the industry we are all in, often when I’m out & and about. We all have our different lived experiences, lived experiences that help us to form our varying opinions on certain... Read more
Meet Rati, and give her ‘Emotions’ EP a listen
Rati comes from a family of singers and players. Her mother and aunts grew up singing in church while her uncle and cousins played piano and guitar… and that’s where she fell in love with the art. She always envied them on church stage but she was still very... Read more
My Perfect Noise Experience – Stevie G DJ’s journey: Part 2
As I submitted that last article to the editor, I knew for sure I was going to do a part 2 of my Perfect Noise (PN) journey. The experience, the vibe, the pure adrenaline left on stage…there was so much left unsaid in that piece; it had me like... Read more
My Perfect Noise Experience – Stevie G DJ’s journey
With the way the last 2 years have been set up for the entertainment industry, I count my blessings twice for having had the chance to attend a number of events. Over and above the Botswana International Music Conference, Wayne The Maestro’s #LongStoryShort listening session & Psy, The Menance’s... Read more
Meet Stevie G DJ, a new voice on the EBW platform
I keep debating with myself on how to break the ice, this being my first official piece and all. I say first official piece because I did one about Wayne The Maestros #LSS last month. In that article I share a bit about the album, which I’m yet to... Read more
PRESS RELEASE: Heartstrings & Heartbeats continues to strike healthy conversations on mental health
Project kickstarted with a lead up single dubbed “Troubled” Project aims to explore the science behind mental health issues among creatives while placing communities and those impacted as drivers of their own solutions GABORONE: When the multi-stakeholder public engagement project, Heartstrings & Heartbeats campaign was launched it hit the... Read more