Meet Stevie G DJ, a new voice on the EBW platform
I keep debating with myself on how to break the ice, this being my first official piece and all. I say first official piece because I did one about Wayne The Maestros #LSS last month. In that article I share a bit about the album, which I’m yet to... Read more
PRESS RELEASE: Heartstrings & Heartbeats continues to strike healthy conversations on mental health
Project kickstarted with a lead up single dubbed “Troubled” Project aims to explore the science behind mental health issues among creatives while placing communities and those impacted as drivers of their own solutions GABORONE: When the multi-stakeholder public engagement project, Heartstrings & Heartbeats campaign was launched it hit the... Read more
William Last KRM stays in true form for MTV Base Africa Day Concert 2021 cameo, Hosted By Idris Elba
The boy William Last KRM’s star continues to rise and we’re here to marvel in it, spur him on and of course tell his story. It’s honestly a beautiful watch and you’d be ill advise to blink as you might miss out. The latest on his journey of exploits... Read more
Watch Khoisan &  Mophato Dance Theatre’s FNB Africa Day Performances
This year, First National Bank put together the Africa Day Concert as a “celebration of African unity, diversity and talent, featuring artists from 5 countries across the continent”. Africa Day is celebrated in various countries on the African continent as well as around the world. This year’s theme of Africa Day is Arts, Culture And... Read more
This past Saturday 1st of May, radio personality and social media influencer Mduduzi Madzwamusi popularly known as Mdu Tha Party launched his annual top ten Botswana rappers list show, with a private viewing hosted by New Capitol Cinemas, Masa Centre Gaborone. For this year, the show promises to be... Read more
On Saturday, May 1st, media personalities, and journalists were spoilt to a private viewing of the newly revamped Botswana Top 10 Show. Show creator and owner of production company – Plugged In Media, Mduduzi “Mdu Tha Party” Madzwamuse took to the stage at New Capitol Cinemas Masa for an... Read more
Local Corner debuts new content series called #QnAwithYourFavorites​
The team at Local Corner has been on an unrelenting drive to document and share local stories for the longest time and this has been beautiful to watch. From shooting music videos, covering major events, getting contracted to agencies, and now breaking a new series featuring some of the... Read more
Heartstrings & Heartbeats: Exploring Mental Health Among Creative People
Gaborone | 20 November 2020 The Heartstrings and Heartbeats Project invites the media fraternity to the University of Botswana’s Faculty of medicine to introduce a project dubbed “Heartstrings and Heartbeats”, that explores mental health issues among creative people. “Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion every... Read more
Your Circle: A creative movement, launching
“Your Circle” is a Lunch Day Party, curated by Those Guys, a Social Marketing Agency based in Gaborone, Botswana. This particular Lunch Day Party seeks to shake things up and provide a day time local restaurant experience to cater especially for the urban youth (Age group – from 20years... Read more
Watch Kagiso Leburu in  ‘Four Pula’, a young BW skater’s story.
The skate culture in BW has been around for years now, it’s one of the fringe urban culture spaces that has a small but very dedicated community. These guys grind wheels and take to air on pavements and have just dropped a short film to showcase Kagiso Leburu, a... Read more