Local Corner debuts new content series called #QnAwithYourFavorites​
The team at Local Corner has been on an unrelenting drive to document and share local stories for the longest time and this has been beautiful to watch. From shooting music videos, covering major events, getting contracted to agencies, and now breaking a new series featuring some of the... Read more
Heartstrings & Heartbeats: Exploring Mental Health Among Creative People
Gaborone | 20 November 2020 The Heartstrings and Heartbeats Project invites the media fraternity to the University of Botswana’s Faculty of medicine to introduce a project dubbed “Heartstrings and Heartbeats”, that explores mental health issues among creative people. “Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion every... Read more
Your Circle: A creative movement, launching
“Your Circle” is a Lunch Day Party, curated by Those Guys, a Social Marketing Agency based in Gaborone, Botswana. This particular Lunch Day Party seeks to shake things up and provide a day time local restaurant experience to cater especially for the urban youth (Age group – from 20years... Read more
Watch Kagiso Leburu in  ‘Four Pula’, a young BW skater’s story.
The skate culture in BW has been around for years now, it’s one of the fringe urban culture spaces that has a small but very dedicated community. These guys grind wheels and take to air on pavements and have just dropped a short film to showcase Kagiso Leburu, a... Read more
Living social is the BW creative’s way and 2020 is the year they shine different
Creativity is the ultimate form of self-expression and the year 2020 unlike many before has beeeeeen proving ground for many that seek an outlet for their creative forms – be it singing, dancing, comedy…tota hela any form of self expression. Amidst all that faces Botswana and the world, digital... Read more
While the wait continues for his debut full project, Jembesoul announces his upcoming latest offering. With his distinctive percussive driven style, the new project is set to embrace the ever growing world sound of dance & electronic music. “Mantra” features Jade Solomon, a spoken word Goddess, who delivers luscious... Read more
EBWSoundclash: June 2019 vs 2018 vs 2017
The EBW Soundclash is an ideas that aims to celebrate the best and brightest of the work coming out of BW from over the years. As is often the case, we usually focus on what’s new and current and tend to not look back at how far we’ve come... Read more
“It has become a daunting reality that issues of SEXUAL ABUSE are part of our society. My country is in apprehension.As a young woman and a role model to my peers, my daughter, young girls and boys, it is important to develop recognizance in behavioral change, revictimization and rehabilitation”... Read more
Visual creative Azizi is on a mission to switch things up in BW’s youth culture
We caught up with a really dope creative right here in Botswana, a young man whose focus on switching the game up and pushing the boundary on youth culture has engulfed all he does, this is Azizi. Azizi is a young Motswana cinematographer “Passionate about change“, he says in... Read more
You really have to check out this MC named OneTake
“Growing up in a musical family he was exposed to classical soul/rnb such as Luther Vandross, gospel and golden era hip hop from a young age. This is evident in his high caliber storytelling ability and simple yet effective flow that is quite reminiscent of a young Nas in... Read more