February 2023, Johannesburg – Showbiz Entertainment Africa (SEAfrica) conference, now a hybrid experience, is the only event in Africa dedicated to the development and growth of the entertainment industry across creative disciplines. With exhibitions, workshops and networking sessions it is the ultimate business meeting place for talent, managers, entrepreneurs,... Read more
The boy OneTakeBW’s build-up is looking all sorts of nice, and he’s taking the fans in with a series of content pieces dubbed ‘WELCOME TO THE NETHEREALM’. He goes into songs, breaks down songs, insights into beat productions as well as spotlighting some of the meaning behind his writing.... Read more
It has been a decade since the release of Botswana’s hip hop top-tier artist Chubbito (formerly known as Chub Heightz) debut Necessary Noise. He is embarking on an appearance and performance tour around the city, and TDA DIAMOND TIMES caught up with him to discuss the achievement. Q: For... Read more
Stretch’s #VoxRated – El Zintle [ 3 ]
In a lot of radio interviews, I’m asked which artists, if any, I would like to work with. And in all honesty, I’ve ALREADY worked with them. Enter the master songstress herself… See, Ellen is more than a singer. She’s a conductor. We’re talking about a person who can... Read more
Stretch’s VoxRated – SaL Angel [ 2 ]
Here is a voice that I am actively jealous of. And as a somewhat accomplished singer in my own right, that’s saying something. AngeL has this thing where he starts off in his extremely rich and booming baritone and then jumps – not slides, jumps – into his serenading... Read more
Stretch’s #VoxRated – Jordan MoOzy [ 1 ]
This is the first of a series of articles thought of, written, curated, and created by the ever-so-talented prouder, musician, writer, and engineer Stretch. It’s an exploration of vocalists in or based in Botswana. He talks about their technical ability, work, and all things we can learn in this... Read more
Chasing goals the SAVAGE way, proof IT really CAN BE
What drives a person to pursue a path despite the obstacles. For some, it is fear of losing everything and ending up on the streets or fear of being mocked by others when failure knocks at your door. For others, it’s a gnawing feeling from an unknown place that... Read more
“Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it”…
First things First…ha ra nyela rotlhe…ba bangwe re shapo..its called privilege. We are not here to talk about that though. The title to this piece is a Jay Z line from the track “Renegade”, on which he features Eminem. That’s the only time any rapper ever killed Jay on... Read more
Music, musings, and visions of moving things forward
I often find myself conversing with fellow creatives, be it producers, rappers, singers, about the state of the industry we are all in, often when I’m out & and about. We all have our different lived experiences, lived experiences that help us to form our varying opinions on certain... Read more
Meet Rati, and give her ‘Emotions’ EP a listen
Rati comes from a family of singers and players. Her mother and aunts grew up singing in church while her uncle and cousins played piano and guitar… and that’s where she fell in love with the art. She always envied them on church stage but she was still very... Read more