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Watch Prince Tom & RonDeArtist’s “Ke Dinaledi” Art Experience through Cyc Jouzy’s eyes




Talented Botswana creatives Prince Tom and Ronald Kegomoditswe’s highly anticipated art exhibition, titled “Ke Dinaledi,” made its grand debut at Masa Hotel this past Saturday. Exploring the meaning behind the exhibition’s title, Kegomoditswe revealed that they initially sought a profound and intricate theme but ultimately settled on a simple yet evocative concept that would resonate with viewers long after their visit.

Renowned artist Ron de artist, Kegomoditswe elaborated that the theme could be interpreted in various ways, even extending to the subjects depicted within the paintings. By skillfully employing light and color, they created an atmosphere reminiscent of stars, inviting viewers to perceive each artwork as a celestial body within a vast artistic universe. Furthermore, the exhibition’s title carried a secondary significance, emphasizing the belief that as artists, they themselves were stars – individuals of significance, deserving of admiration and recognition.

Hailing from Sefophe, Kegomoditswe emphasized his conviction that art possessed a unique ability to convey thoughts and emotions that words alone could not capture. With “Ke Dinaledi,” he and Prince Tom aimed to offer visitors a glimpse into their perspective, inviting them to witness the beauty that enveloped their world through the medium of art.

Kegomoditswe, who has previously showcased his talent through several solo exhibitions, joined forces with Tom, who paid tribute to his late mother through his last solo exhibition, “The ballad of a butterfly,” held in the previous year. In 2020, the duo also organized an exhibition in Gaborone named “Maitemogelo,” further solidifying their artistic partnership and creative synergy.

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