Watch William Last KRM’s “I’m Still Here” Performance Video
In “I’m Still Here,” William Last KRM shares his journey with a mix of triumphs and tough times. He pays homage to influential figures Sasa Klaas and Dramaboi, honoring their impact. The song’s visuals by Remmogo Visuals add depth, telling a story alongside the music. The lyrics touch on... Read more
RockaFella Uni’s ‘Lehatshe Bulega’: An Authentic Glimpse into the rapper’s Resilience
This song “Lehatshe Bulega” by RockaFella Uni conveys a narrative of determination and resilience in the face of challenges. The lyrics depict a journey of taking risks, with the repeated plea for the earth to open up “Lehatshe bulega ke tsene mo teng” symbolizing a desire for opportunity and... Read more
Watch One Take’s Welcome To Basco Ft Faye/ Filwe Mbangi (Official Video)
Anyone who’s been in Gabs long enough has a story to tell about this place here. Its like a right of passage especially if you new to the city… if you know you know, what happens in basco stays in……… “Yeah, Welcome to the Basco (University of Botswana). The... Read more
Jesonyana – Golla Dikgosi Tse Tharo (Official Music Video)
The music video for “Jesonyana – Golla Dikgosi Tse Tharo (Official Music Video)” is characterized by its simple and unfiltered setting, rich in references to village life that convey modesty and bravery. The video alludes to historical events and features poetic lyrics. Jesonyana, an artist making waves in African... Read more
SirGwamby x dayoffciddy – Are Ke Beche [Performance Video]
“Are Ke Beche” stands as a testament to the innovative musical prowess of Botswana’s emerging artists, SirGwamby and Dayoffciddy. In this track, they skillfully marry traditional and modern sounds by sampling MATSIENG’s timeless “Thulamela,” reimagining it for contemporary audiences. SirGwamby, known for his lyrical prowess and dynamic stage presence,... Read more
Jackalass Onetym – City On Fire (LEAGUE YA DIBOSSO)
The song “City On Fire” by Jackalas OneTym conveys a sense of confidence and success. The lyrics reflect his self-assuredness, indicating that he is experienced and established in his field. He mentions that upon his arrival, people take notice and acknowledge him as a dominant presence. He’s gained fame,... Read more
Watch ONETAKE’s  Oska Ntalla (Music Video)
The music video for “ONETAKE – Oska Ntalla” unfolds within the gritty and industrial atmosphere of a warehouse, setting the stage for the artist’s uncompromising message. “ONETAKE – Oska Ntalla” is an assertive anthem, leaving no room for doubt. The artist’s delivery is bold, his verses laced with a... Read more
KX Legit – Back To Moshate (Official Video)
In a triumphant celebration of his return to his roots, KX Legit, the trailblazing artist who has been shaping the future of Botswana music, released the highly anticipated music video for his latest track, ‘Back to Moshate.’ The video, which dropped on June 29, 2023, takes fans on a... Read more
Brace yourself for mouthwatering levels of heat and non-stop entertainment. It’s a sizzling adventure you won’t want to miss! Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Veezo View and Ban-T take on the ultimate spicy hot wing challenge, powered by Wing It On. Watch them battle through scorching flavors,... Read more
New visuals for Ban-T & Veezo View’s ‘Letter 2 The City’ [Official Video], taken from OTV II
“Letter 2 The City” is a collaborative song by Ban-T and Veezo View, taken from their joint project called OTV. The track embodies their resilience in the face of challenges within the music industry. They express their unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger together. With heartfelt lyrics,... Read more