New music and visuals from NZA ft Anything with Yusef – ‘Thato’
“The people asked, so I delivered. Immense love to everyone who contributed to making this happen. Immense love to everyone who supports me”, This is the lead single titled Thato, taken from THE MORNING STORY EP, which is scheduled to drop 16th of July. Read more
Ozi F Teddy just dropped the Before Lord Of Mercy (B4 LOM) Freestyle
We’re still waiting for Ozi F Teddy’s ‘Lord Of Mercy’ and will hopefully get the full drop soon. He’s just given the fans something to hold on to while they wait for it all. Check out the Before Lord Of Mercy (B4 LOM) Freestyle here Read more
UBUNTU BAND & William Last Krm are at WAR. See why here
The fight to go out and get yours, to make it, to get it done, and all else in between is very real when you’re going at it as hard as the UBUNTU BAND is. Thami, Maney, and Gavin‘s work rate is truly admirable, add some really potent recent... Read more
Why you should see Dada Kavino’s ‘Mmata’. A short story
This beautifully crafted afro-fusion-inspired jam is the work of the newly launched work by Dada Kavino, a new Botswana artist whose reception has been overwhelming (if social media is anything to go by). He sounds fresh, has a nice language infusion to him, and actually has a solid record... Read more
Abidoza – Motho Ke Motho [Feat. Mpho Sebina & Jay Sax] (Official Music Video)
The long awaited video for Abidoza’s ‘Motho Ke Motho’ video just dropped and it’s laced with a storyline you definitely want to check out. This song is steeped in our humanity as Africans, visualizing the story of community support, hope, family, and all in between. Watch Mpho Sebina &... Read more
The queen Mpho Sebina is staking her piece at the table, literally. She’s maneuvered and made her way to the seat and now the chips are falling in place in preparation for her red carpet arrival. We couldn’t be more proud of all the work that she’s doing at... Read more
Watch out OSTA TYGER’s ‘Okonkwo’ Performance video
He is 1/3 of Bafana Ba, a penman and a writer who also delivers very nicely every time her steps up to the mic. It’s dope to see him push his individual brand and work, and this ‘Okonkwo’ freestyle is proof that he can more than hold his own.... Read more
Watch New Zealand-based Phodiso’s War  (Official Music Videos)
Phodiso¬†is a Botswana-born hip-hop artist doing big things in New Zealand and who released a new single ‘Talk Too Much‘ from his upcoming EP,¬†Act II. He’s got a new drop a from out on Youtube called ‘War’ and it’s well worth checking out Read more
Jack Monster’s ‘Me Over Everything’ by Shaba Stele Performance Video is out
Some new music from Jack Monster, one of the talents that really excite the BW urban music scene from work over the last two years. He is one of the 3 kings that dropped a massive tape last year and has major spins under him. Check out his ‘Me... Read more
Watch Diamond Dust’s ‘Teemane Anthem’ performed by UBUNTU BAND
This is a cool collaboration done by the new outfit called Ubuntu Band for the local apparel brand Diamond Dust. Following hot of the heels of their breakout hit ‘Ngwana Mosetsana’, they’ve dropped the ‘Teemane Anthem’ song, the video has many visual cues with some reminiscent of Director Mo’s... Read more