Dramaboi – Darli Wame (ft Manqonqo & Black Rose) Official Video
This is the official video to his rather feel good track featuring his sister in music Black Rose as well South Africa’s Manqonqo, the beat has that earthy sound that grounds the song and makes it a rather easy listen. It sounds grown up and if it wasn’t for... Read more
Watch Anything with Yusef X Flex The Ninja’s ‘NO LIE’ (Official Video)
These boys are moving with the quickness, the song dropped not so long ago and now the visuals are out. It’s Flex x Yusef and they want you to watch this. Read more
Blueflame x 7DaysOfSummer – Clarity Cut (Official Video)
Caught some clean visuals courtesy of BlueFlame & 7DaysOfSummer as visualized by Renov8Media, this is off of a song taken from his 2nd album “Before the Rain. It’s not out yet but it’s done. I’m releasing another single this Saturday, 6pm“, BlueFlame said after he reached out to us.... Read more
One Take’s “Talk My $h*t/The Show Off” freestyle is 🔥🔥
This dude One Take is bringing that feel-good ‘i really love, really love to rap’ type work and BW is lapping him up. He’s good, keeps it simple and basic and goes for the jagular in executing his work. Check out his ‘Talk My $h*t’ work. Out now! Read more
These dudes sound raw, unpolished and hungry – and the music sounds it too. Le JHVBU and he wants to confront ‘Bana ba bloi’, the video was shot by @the.photographers.official and it does the job. Watch on Read more
“This n*%kka spittin'”, like for real this Tay Boz dude is dropping fire spit on the mic and the world is lapping it up. There’s dudes like him that make you wanna listen to just a little more rap, a little more script because they put it down on... Read more
Watch Khoisan perform ‘Sthubege’ Live
These guys have been putting in the work man, this song is so dope and this piece of content produced by Rock Lefatshe records and Re Mmogo visuals might just be what their fans need. Watch them do a live rendition of their fan favorite Read more
Watch BadboyDripInc feat. GARFXLD x RockaFella “ON GOD ” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
We came across this jam via the social a few days ago and waited to take it in a little bit, it’s so heartfelt and sublimely communicates the dream that theses young cats have. Shot by GonnaElvis, watch the videos here Read more
Watch Mpho Sebina’s ‘Melodi’ Video
The queen Mpho Sebina is busy serving some quality work with really dope visuals as the world continues to grind to a halt, it seems all this has only served to spur her momentum on. In ‘Melodi’, she lets harmonies aka melodies take the listener away, the heavy use... Read more
Trilla feat. Veezo View – Wait (Official Music Video)
Watch “TRILLA & VEEZO VIEW” performing “WAIT”, the boys are just swanking on this beat. Read more