Watch CoolNerrd’s ‘Sphalaphala’ (Official Video)
This song dropped a few weeks back and ‘Sphalaphala‘ like we said at the time is a very dope song, it’s just had visuals done for it and they are as clean as video comes. Watch CoolNerrd‘s new work here Read more
Watch AbTheActivist’s ‘SAFE HANDS’ (Official Video)
AbTheActivist is an exciting young voice in BW’s scene, he’s just dropped a cool piece of work and he let ClouttGrapherX handle visuals on the cut to go with his effort. His Divine EP was dope listen and we’re excited about what he has to offer in the future.... Read more
Bafana Ba – Its True (Official Video)
“They came into the music industry during Lockdown with Uncensored Kasi Stories which even caught the Botswana Minister of Arts and Culture’s attention Tumediso “Chillyboy” Rakgare. Here is their second single since existence”. Calculated by Jack Bohloko Read more
Watch Sasa Klaas’ ‘VAPORS’  (Official Video)
If there’s any big lesson to be taken away from this season, it’s that you can’t stop the will and creativity out here in this season – Sasa like the rest of the top players in the game continues to dish out work, there’s music out and visuals to... Read more
Veezo View – 2 V’s (Official Video)
New music and new visuals from Veezo, beat by F.A.T and Engineering by Veezo himself. Visuals by Local Corner Read more
ATI – UP UP (Performance Video)
This is the year ATI is serving all of us with his all, UP UP is such a beautiful song yoh. Watch the Cyc Jouzy made visuals here Read more
Watch MAPETLA’s ‘Thaba Tshweu’ (Official Video)
This song is dedicated to display our cultural patlo in Botswana and also preserver our culture. Record Label: Petlas Tavern Music/Makoya Company Read more
Dramaboi – Ammaruri (Official Music Video)
Social commentary has always been one of Dramaboi’s respected attributes, he dropped a full EP titled ‘Ammaruri’ a few months back, here’s the video Read more
Watch Veezo View & Ozi F Teddy – I’m A Star (Official Music Video)
Collaborate and annihilate is the motto this season, some real heavies are putting work in together and it’s a real gift to get all this fire. Cyc Jouzy is the mean behind this one, press play Read more
Watch CoolNerrd’s ‘Find Love’ video
This is the sound of love and heartbreak, healing and reflections in love presented by one of the most underrated cats in BW, CoolNerrd. Watch the Local Corner produced visuals to ‘Find Love’ Read more