Sampa The Great continues to own her ‘Lane’
Sampa’s trajectory is not only intriguing but inspiring if at all it required a descriptor, from recently headline international shows, winning awards, and NPR concert, and now a big music drop which we suspect signals that there’s more music coming from the Zambian born, Botswana raised and Australia based... Read more
MadInk Apparel – MIA presents Kheza Matofane – M.I.A
It’s dope to see collaborations like these ones, a street apparel brand meets a music entrepreneur – one with a good street repertoire. Kheza Matofane is a Broadhurst native who blends the sounds of Kwaito, Hiphop, and street narratives while telling his own story. Check out his video here Read more
ICYMI: ABTheActivist & I’ME – RAMPAGE (Official Music Video) | Shot on iPhone
AbTheActivist acting heavily at the art district out in Johannesburg, still at it. Watch him here Read more
Watch BAXON’s ‘Kulenyane’ Official Visuals
The boy Baxon prefers to keep the conversation going through his work yoh, his latest joint ‘Kulenyane’ is something of a masterstroke. A story about someone who is helping themselves to his homestead while he is looking for the coins. The visuals are clean, featuring hood shots and rich... Read more
One Take BW’s late #RapRelayChallenge play is  game on for real
Take is running the #RapRelayChallenge in a forward way Read more
This song is cool man, 3 dope guys coming together to put Southern Africa on the world map. ‘Lelomo’ is dope, and it sounds nice as well. Stream and listen her Read more
Watch Kate the Aesthete on “PFT”, Pretty Fine Thing [Official Video]
Kate is a whole vibe, a hard worker, and someone who is always out here showcasing their flex. Her work with Strech on this song is so on point, a definite break away from her normal mold. These are the traits that pull the curious, to a sound that... Read more
Ubuntu Band’s collab with Malome Vector, ‘Mangoane’ video is out
It is only fair the most loved song on Malome Vector’s debut album be the first one to get visuals! Now, South Africa’s Ambitious Entertainment introduces better halves to your families with #Mangoane, a song definitely loved because of the work done by Botswana’s Ubuntu Band and Lesotho’s Malome... Read more
Watch OneTake’s ‘Perspective’ video
This joint is reminiscent of the yesteryear, Wu-tang, touch rap from a rapper who is here to showcase that “bars do matter”. It’s all perspective, and your viewpoint on it all may be mandatory. Watch the visuals to the work from his ‘Perspective’ Read more
Watch Don Thugga’s ‘Locked Down’ feat. Nfana Ka Mah (Visuals by @Cyc Jouzy )
Don Thugga has to be one of my favorite artist from the last couple of years. Besides being raw, he is a likable figure who has brought a really nice new-age texture to the new game. The ‘Nongoloza‘ hit maker’s been putting in some hard work and his Don... Read more