Stream Carmelo Yoko x Drama Dee’s ‘Trust Me’
Carmelo is such a vibe on this song, pine wine sprinkles and laid-back summer vibes come through in this picturesque word paint of a song. The balance between Carmelo’s dominating and upfront lyrics and Drama Dee’s scent of innocence balances this joint out. I’d love to hear this at... Read more
Nice’ is the first single from Act III, the third EP from Botswana-born, Auckland-based hip-hop artist Phodiso. In this track, Phodiso explores backing yourself in the face of resistance. Throughout the song, Phodiso demonstrates a consistently swaggering vocal flow through song, rap, and spoken word on a beat produced by the local... Read more
Stream Dj Kuchi’s ‘By My Side’ feat. Sheillah Mo
The music that Kuchi has delivered over the years has been nothing short of leading in its category. New wave, disco, dance, fusion, and all these other sounds generally struggle in Botswana, but not so much for the Dj turned producer Dj Kuchi. Having worked with top voices including... Read more
Stream Jordan Moozy’s “Honest” feat. BZY & BEEKSTAR the DON
It’s always a welcome development to get music from Jordan Moozy, a man who is very well known for his vocal ability and hard work. “Honest” is the new single that sees him feature BZY & BEEKSTAR the DON on two verses. Stream the singe here and show love Read more
Moonga K.’s CANDID EP is out
This is an artiste who makes the work do all the talking here in BW, he’s a talented vocalist who has experimented with a lot of his music over the years. His latest offering just dropped and it’s really been well worth the wait, Moonga goes rebelliously soulful of... Read more
Frost Legato ft Dato Seiko – Found [Official Audio]
It’s hard to imagine what Frost Legato‘s recent past has been like, one can only imagine that it’s been a period where he’s had to jump over mountains and climb out of gulleys to get to a point where he was comfortable enough to find the courage to put... Read more
Stream Roxii BW’s ‘City of Lights’& ‘Energy’ w/ T-Hawk’s
Roxii’s such a vibe man! We just stumbled upon these pieces of work that we’d missed from early on in the year…these pieces of work are worth the minutes and you only have to stream them to find out why. ‘City of Lights’ chronicles stories of relationship dynamics, heartbreak,... Read more
Stream & Watch Baxon’s Nkueleng ft Mandla Music
It’s been such a tumultuous year for the homeboy Baxon, he’s lost someone who was as dear to him as she was to the world. This song chronicles his story, struggles with fitting in, mental health, friendships, and just how heavy it is carrying all of it on such... Read more
Stream As Majita by Shaba Stele, Jack Monster & DintleOnTheTrack
The kind of collaborations that make youth culture flourish, is what this piece of work is about. Its music meets merchandise and ideas that are aligned to elevate all involved in the consumer’s ears and eyes. Stream Shaba Stele, Jack Monster & DintleOnTheTrack on ‘As Majita’, a theme track... Read more
Jack Monster’s ‘Rotation’ (prod by. musicbyashanti)
This is just another showcase of flex by Jack Monster. He talks his talk and goes on about a girl and all things related to ‘boy-likes-girl’, love, jealousy, and boisterous pronunciations of what the relationship should be. Shot and to the point, stream it here Read more