Poppy L. Sello kickstarts EBW Oddcast’s #OddsAndEvens. Listen to Episode 1 on Spotify
On this, the debut episode of #EBWOddcast‘s Season 2, we talk to @PoppyLSello about her journey as a Writer, Creative, a #WomanInMedia who is carving a path in the #BWMarketingSpace. Stream the new season where we explore Poppy’s #OddsAndEvens now! EBW is a Botswana creative & culture platform, that delves... Read more
EBW Oddcast – Tanlume Enyatseng (Banana Emoji) (Episode 7
Oh man. To say we are excited to share this conversation with you is a huge understatement, it’s a conversation we had a while back with a really impactful and awesome creative. A multi-talented voice of a generation who graced our platform with all the presence and conversation worth... Read more
Check out our conversation w/ Moonga K. on Episode 6 of #EBWOddcast
Yes yes, y’all. It is us, back with a brand new episode of the #EBWOddcast, we had this conversation many weeks ago and it did take us a while to stitch it together, primarily because we wanted to do it well and not lose the essence of the conversation. We’re... Read more
Stream the EBW Oddcast – Flex The Ninja (Episode 5
Oh man! A long-overdue conversation with the ever so awesome Flex The Ninja. We talked projects – process, collaboration, future plans and sample some of his work… Read more
Stream the EBW Oddcast episode with Bobedi – Count of Two (Episode 4)
Super excited to be back with a new episode, a whole conversation with Bobedi – a duo out of Gaborone, comprised of the funkified Katso & Tswex and they’ve got a whole album out. I had the pleasure of talking to them about it and sampling tonnes of the... Read more
The latest EBW Oddcast with OHMZ The Don is out (Episode 3)
The latest Episode EBW Oddcast episode is out this time with Ohmz The Don, the SA based BW representative who has been blazing the trails out there. Having dropped projects including Feel The Dream, headlined Macufe, and even getting the nod on MduTheParty‘s #Top10BWRappersList. He hung out with us... Read more
Who exatly is Sal Angel?
It’s so cool to be able to get a view into the headspace of some of your favorite people, this here is “a brief insight on Sal AngeL’s persona. Like reeeeally brief. While you’re at it, Here’s a Pre-save link for “Call Me Back”:” Subscribe to his YouTube page... Read more
Listen to EBW OddCast Episode 2 – WDP’s Leroy Nyoni
In this conversation we find out who WDP is, plans, drop some exclusives and get insights into the man behind the movement. This is the Oddcast, Botswana’s very own Entertainment Platform presented by EBW Magazine – Botswana’s very own entertainment magazine – featuring conversations, music and the latest views... Read more
Watch Mpho Sebina in NEO, Interview & Performance
Getting this cut over the line has been the work so tough, especially when we had to content with the fact that we’re cutting together the voice of a great Botswana musician who has done nothing shot of remarkable in the way she and her music have moved. She’s... Read more
EBW OddCast – Episode 1 feat. Thato Jessica
The hardest thing i had to overcome was finally publishing this work, i’ve had the idea to podcast for many years but stayed nervy about how i would play it. Dear world, meet the hashtag#EBWOddCast – not my first foray but a different platform that i’m aiming to use... Read more