Press: Yarona FM now on DStv Audio Bouquet
6 January 2019. Gaborone, Botswana. What better way to start the year than with yet another milestone in the move towards having more local content on the DStv platform. This January, DStv subscribers will be able to enjoy Botswana’s most popular youth local radio station as it makes its... Read more
Watch ATI welcome 2020 with a performance
Lekhete le letona welcomed 2020 doing what he loves best, performing on stage and Director Mo. captured it all for you, Goledzwa!!! Read more
Thato Jessica & Priscilla on ‘Lift As You Rise’
It started of as a challenge to the continent set up by Red Bull and Nasty C’s ‘Lift As You Rise’, the album’s just dropped and it’s a whole body of work featuring “Nasty C, Tellaman, Gemini Major, Rowlene, Lastee and Zino D plus 11 upcoming artists from around... Read more
BTC backs the development of the Music Industry – Sponsors BIMC
Seabelo Modibe and team have been working at building a platform meant to contribute to the growth of the music industry. It is with this view that the Botswana International Music Conference (BIMC) was founded, a platform that brings together musicians, producers, international conferences, record labels, publishers and many... Read more
What’s Han C doing in Kenya?
If there’s an artist that goes about their business in the right way it has to be Han C and his management team. It’s been just over a week since the camp announced that the boy was in Kenya for some work. Though kept under wraps, it would seem... Read more
Is the Faded Gang comeback in the offing?
Twitter was abuzz last night and this morning following Ban T’s performance which according to sources had him bring out the whole Faded Gang. The excitement spilled over into conversation about whether the squad is ready to reunite or make a comeback. To further fuel the speculation, one of... Read more
EBW Interview: Mpho Sebina breaks down her 2019 journey thus far
We reached out to Mpho Sebina a few weeks back regarding her work, music plans and just an all round catch up on all the things she’s been busy with. In the weeks since we did this interview she’s done the Okavango Music Festival, collaboratively dropped a song with... Read more
Kwaku & Fisa usher in the ‘Delicious Podcast’
It’s an opportune time for BW urban culture to expand it’s voice and we’re very excited to announce the birth of a new platform. The Delicious Podcast combines talents of Hip Hop musician Fisa and Music Journalist Kwaku Gyanteh. Both being creators in their own right, they team up... Read more
Thato Jessica’s ‘Love in September’ is out
Thato Jessica’s 3rd EP “is out y’all!!🙌🏾🙌🏾 this is one of my most intimate and sound projects”, she said when announcing the new project. “I’m so thankful to @amobeatz , you’re an amazing producer !!🛫, She’s worked with a bunch of very talented people on the project including “@the_malcolm_man @flextheninja... Read more
C.U.R.R.E.N.T dropped 2 projects in August
The stamina to keep working in an industry as touch as ours is necessary, backing it up with the work is probably one of the most obvious ways that one could keep themselves out there. C.U.R.R.E.N.T understands this and he’s got the work prove it. Check him out and... Read more