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Ytv’s Partnership with DStv Aims to Boost Botswana’s Creative Industry and Local Content Production




On August 14, 2023, MultiChoice Botswana announced the launch of a new local content television channel called Ytv on its DStv platform in Botswana. Ytv is positioned as a free-to-air channel that pledges to offer 30% local content to viewers. The channel aims to provide authentic and engaging local stories to cater to the preferences of Botswana audiences.

Ytv will be available on DStv Channel 291, alongside other existing local channels like BTV News, BTV 1, Gabz-FM, Duma FM, and Yarona FM. This move is in line with MultiChoice Botswana’s commitment to enhancing its local content offerings and providing viewers with homegrown entertainment options.

Stephanie Pillay, the Managing Director of MultiChoice Botswana, emphasized the importance of offering content that resonates with the local audience and contributes to their entertainment experience. The addition of Ytv is seen as an exciting opportunity to bring relevant and youthful content to DStv subscribers.

Dumi Lopang, the Executive Director of YMH Holdings, the company behind Ytv, expressed excitement about joining the DStv family. Lopang highlighted that this partnership is a significant milestone in Ytv’s journey, starting from its origins as Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in 1988. Ytv aims to use the collaboration to elevate its status and create a premium entertainment channel on the DStv platform.

The partnership between Ytv and DStv extends beyond content broadcasting. It involves collaboration with content experts who have experience in both local and international channels. This collaboration aims to help Ytv expand its content offerings and improve its overall quality, aligning with the standards of other channels available on the platform.

MultiChoice Botswana intends to ensure that Ytv offers top-notch content to its viewers, providing them with a comprehensive entertainment experience. The launch of Ytv is part of the DStv Pula entry-level package, making local entertainment accessible to subscribers for as little as P75 per month.

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To enhance the viewing experience, viewers are encouraged to use the MyDStv app to manage their subscriptions, upgrades, and reconnects. Additionally, DStv subscribers can stream content on the DStv Stream app. More information about Ytv and the DStv offerings can be found on the DStv Botswana website and social media channels.

Ytv, formerly known as Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and later eBotswana, showcases a diverse range of local content. This includes reality shows like “The Sekatis” and youth-oriented talk shows like “Youth Plug with Tsabo.” The introduction of Ytv to the DStv platform is expected to enrich viewers’ experience with local news content and football programming in addition to its entertainment offerings.

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Mzansi Magic calls out for authentic local Botswana productions




21 August 2023. Gaborone, Botswana. Today MultiChoice Botswana announced that local content creators can take part in a truly African production opportunity. Mzansi Magic on DStv Botswana channel 161 has issued a call for submissions for made-for-tv movies made specifically for Batswana audiences, as well as for a Local Motswana Production Supervisor to work on content for Mzansi Magic channels.

2023 has seen great local Botswana content  championing the essence of MultiChoice in Botswana – being  Africa’s leading storytelling platform.  DStv Botswana to date has delivered riveting content to its viewers from shows like My Botswana Plate and Bots Top 5, in under a year! Alongside delivering homegrown content, the pay-TV service provider has also engaged in numerous skills transfer activities with local content creators in partnership with the Department of Broadcasting Services under the MultiChoice Talent Factory umbrella. With this, Botswana will soon find a sizeable seat at the table on Mzansi Magic, the time for Botswana to shine is now, it’s your moment to shine!

“Mzansi Magic’s call-for-submissions has come at an incredible time where the Botswana’s creative industry is being seen and felt by both the consumers and our policy makers,” said Thembile Legwaila, MultiChoice Botswana’s Head of Marketing. “The potential of our creative industry is telling of the  socioeconomic and local content needs. We as MultiChoice Botswana  are  proud to be a part of helping shape the way we Botswana’s tell our story.”

Speaking on what this call-for-submission means to the industry, Executive Producer at New Look Studios, Johnson Otlaadisa, had this to say, “This call comes at a time when the industry in Botswana is yearning for more opportunities to tell our stories to the world beyond our borders. It is an answer to prayer for our industry and a critical opportunity for growth; working with Mzansi Magic, who are some of the very best storytellers in Africa.”

Through this call-for-submission, Mzansi Magic is set to engage a local production company to supervise and oversee the development, production and post-production phases of filmmaking on content made for Mzansi Magic channels. These channels include DStv’s Mzansi Magic, Mzansi Wethu, Mzansi Bioskop and Mzansi Magic music channels. An engagement of this nature for a local production company would not only provide it with incomparable exposure but with immeasurable upskilling opportunities as well.

Mzansi Magic has simultaneously made a call for the next fresh made-for-TV movie produced locally for Batswana audiences, with an opportunity available to showcase three movies coming out of this call-for submission.

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MultiChoice Botswana urges interested applicants to remember the importance of staying true to the authenticity of our own local stories and to keep in mind the audiences that the content is being made for, “Although the stories being submitted should be geared towards Batswana audiences it’s always important to bear in mind that we live in a world without borders. Content should be unique to Botswana but should also be able to resonate with the rest of Africa as all eyes will be on these films,” adds Legwaila. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the M-Net Corporate Submissions website to apply for the Local Production Supervisor opportunity by visiting the Local Botswana Supervising Producer – Mzansi Magic – M-Net Submissions ( website. Those interested in submitting made-for-TV movies are encouraged to visit the Authentically Batswana made for TV movie – Mzansi Magic – M-Net Submissions ( website. Call-for-submissions closes on 15th September 2023 at 0:00

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