Dato Seiko drops “The Vow”
“The Vow” by Dato Seiko is a poignant love song that beautifully intertwines divine patience and presence with a romantic relationship. The lyrics convey deep appreciation for a patient and supportive partner, drawing parallels to God’s attributes. It emphasizes the idea that love, like divine creation, should be nurtured... Read more
Dive or drive to “Ferrari” by Anything With Yusef.
Get ready to groove to the infectious beats of “Ferrari” by Anything With Yusef. This track offers a captivating blend of dance groove, Afrobeat, and a touch of Caribbean vibes, making it a musical journey like no other. Anything With Yusef doesn’t shy away from pushing the boundaries of... Read more
Countdown to Glotto’s debut at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.
Glotto, the vibrant fashion brand hailing from Botswana, that has also carved it’s mark in Botswana’s youth culture is set to make a splash on the runway during New York Fashion Week from September 5 to 12. This exciting news was shared by Glotto’s founder and creative director, Mboko... Read more
O-Star is ‘African As F*ck’, listen up
Owie, O-Star…this name’s been making rounds for a couple of years, mostly for his sharpness, wit and depth of word, and his writing, with unmatched delivery. Upon first listen of ‘African As F*ck’, you immediately get caught by the variety in his subject matter, and amazing use of words... Read more
Watch & Stream MOONGA K. & Nkosilathi’s — ‘be mine’
‘be mine’ is Moonga K.’s fourth release from his upcoming album titled GARDEN, MOONGA K. & Nkosilathi, take listeners on a journey through the intricacies of a tense and complex love story. The song revolves around the struggles and conflicts that arise within the relationship. The lyrics depict a... Read more
Listen, Obvdo is ‘Still Here!’ in 2023
New music from the really talented musician, rapper, and producer Obvdo. ‘Still here!’ is his 2023 offering, a 16-track project packed with so much music. Tracks like No Favours, Aim Higher, and Guesltlist introduces the listener to an Obvdo who is sounding hungrier than ever, his rapping is sharper,... Read more
Gaborone, August 22, 2023 – The highly anticipated 8th edition of the Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs) is all set to take place this November. After a virtual hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the YAMAs are returning in full glory with a physical attendance. The awards ceremony is... Read more
Mzansi Magic calls out for authentic local Botswana productions
21 August 2023. Gaborone, Botswana. Today MultiChoice Botswana announced that local content creators can take part in a truly African production opportunity. Mzansi Magic on DStv Botswana channel 161 has issued a call for submissions for made-for-tv movies made specifically for Batswana audiences, as well as for a Local... Read more
Ohmz The Don Unveils “Feel The Dream II” EP, a Motswako Musical Odyssey
Introduction: Botswana’s hip-hop sensation, Ohmz The Don, takes center stage once again with the highly anticipated release of his EP, “Feel The Dream II.” This remarkable project is a sequel to his debut EP “Feel the Dream” from 2017 and showcases the evolution of his artistry over three transformative... Read more
Kaey Maxx – Big Dawg Status (mixtape)
Stream Kaey Maxx’s ‘Big Dawg Status’. mixtape, an 8 track project from the young Hiphop artist. Read more