Samantha Mogwe’s ‘VII’

Samantha Mogwe’s ‘VII’

Music September 30, 2022

A brand new project from the longstanding Samantha Mogwe is a formidable way to have, an 8-track offering that features Jordan Moozy, Mpho Sebina, production KD Bangers, and a couple of other collaborators. ‘Seven’ is the poetic piece that opens the project up, very spiritual in its setting. It... Read more
Veezo View’s “Vibes Never Lie”
At this point it’s safe to assume not a lot of cats ‘want no smoke’ with the leader of the whole damn school Veezo View, simply saying this to echo him cos truly “Vibes Never Lie” and all he does is keep bringing them. I’m glad we’ve got new... Read more
Sphinx – Family (feat. Frost Legato & Dlozinyana) – Single
Just some new music from new name Sphinx featuring Frost Legato & Dlozinyana Read more
Anything with Yusef’s “I’LL TELL YOU AT MIDNIGHT” is OUT!
I’ve talked a bit about Anything with Yusef’s talent with fellow industry commentators in the last couple of weeks…that conversation tends to circle around how immensely talented he is, his chosen sound and way of expression make him one of the most unique voices in Botswana, on the continent... Read more
Listen to Samantha Mogwe feat Jordan Moozy – OXYGEN
“It is with great pleasure to share this brand new music offering by Samantha Mogwe and Jordan Moozy, titled OXYGEN, which premiers on Thursday 4th of August 2022. This is a gorgeous fusion of various cultures (Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe), which also highlights elements of Neo-Soul and Afro-Beats. This... Read more
Danxellé’s ‘Distance’ is an AfroBeat masterpiece
We honestly haven’t paid too much attention to the work of the young man Danxellé, with only a few tastes of his work thus far. Ignore him as we may have – his work just kicks in the door and demands a seat at the playlist table. This ‘Distance’... Read more
Stream Anything with Yusef’s “Shanghai”
I’m putting it out there man!!!! Anything with Yusef is my favorite artist of the year 2022 thus far – worldwide. Need proof of why this is??? Just go back and listen to his work from the High-Grade collab, WNDR, work with NZA, definitely his pieces with Flex The... Read more
Some new music from BAXON – “Tlala” (prod. McOphe)
It’s always dope to get new music from Baxon, truth be told though…Tlala sounds like a song that is a mere flex, just Baxon having fun and showing his skills off to the world. He links up with Cyc Jouzy in studio for a quick visual representation of his... Read more
Stream Whiskie’s ‘Rear View’ EP
“Every song in this EP speaks on almost every element of my life and how I’ve been influenced by different energies I have kept around me, friendships & business ventures that didn’t work out between me & certain bodies. Also the number of days and nights we’re in the... Read more
Rakheem’s got ‘FEELING$’
An imbalanced interpersonal relationship where one person invests more energy or where one person wields more control. Read more