Kate the Aesthete is “Sitting Pretty”, Shaka Zulu style
Fresh new music from the talented young Kate The Aesthete ole wa Mrepa Read more
Stream Thato Jessica’s ‘New Chapter’
It’s not been an easy year for the star that is Thato Jessica, even through it all she’s found a way to share her truth and affirm her being through music. New Chapter is the song that she just dropped and man is it loaded, it’s all things growth,... Read more
WNDRSZN is in “Palm Springs”, stream him here
Fresh new music from the YAMA nominated WNDR, man’s has never stopped working and he’s now just dropped Palm Strings – a serene joint that is in his usual forte, following of the heals of the much-lauded SAFARI Read more
Play Kevin Project’s ‘Disdatjuice’ [EP]
There’s so much that 2020 has brought us and if there’s anything that we definitely have to be appreciate of – definitely has to be the dope music. Meet Kevin and stream his ‘Disdatjustice’ EP Read more
Stream Quii Da Hus “City Life (feat. kingb) [prod. BiscuitHead]
“The city we live in can be toxic, dangerous, hazardous and all sort of fucked up. People do certain activities for a certain reactions from people, which is pathetic… It’s a very weird place outchea, but i love my city and i cope by making music & i stay... Read more
Check out our conversation w/ Moonga K. on Episode 6 of #EBWOddcast
Yes yes, y’all. It is us, back with a brand new episode of the #EBWOddcast, we had this conversation many weeks ago and it did take us a while to stitch it together, primarily because we wanted to do it well and not lose the essence of the conversation. We’re... Read more
Stream Balaclava Blanco’s ‘Goat Vs Goat’ feat. Veezo View (Prod. by Balaclava Blanco)
Two goats equals some serious stew though right? Whether you agree or negate this, the fact remains that something special always happens whenever these two combine forces on many-a-track. Goat vs Goat is a bit their sounding board, castigating the rap game’s players and letting everybody know that their... Read more
Stream NZA’s ‘BABANIGGAMAN’ project
The boy NZA just dropped a 9-track follow up project and it’s an odyssey of music with some really cool features and a varied selection of sounds, of course with the 90s inspired feel as the basis for his work, this is his signature. His ‘I CAN RAP‘ EP... Read more
Play dRuey theBeatchap’s ‘Oppressed’ (Prod.By Kalard Boy)
Police brutality and oppression is seldom spoke of by the new age musicians here in Botswana, dRuey’s ‘Oppressed’ touches on this very serious liberty related matter – this follows hot off the heels of an assault on BIUST students sometime last week, may were injured as they aired their... Read more
Stream Carmelo Yoko’s ‘Chit-Chat’ (Prod. by Drama Dee)
This drill inspired rhythm goes in. It’s a new offering from the the sharp shooting, straight talking Carmelo Yoko and it’s safe to say that she’s not here for the small talk. Check it out Read more