Listen to Sebaga in Mafia Princes Emotional Ganstah
This album dropped some time back in February and I’d promised myself that I’d come back to listen to it. It, unfortunately, went under the radar and we’ve only just now gotten the chance to properly check it out. As you may know, we’re not ones to do reviews... Read more
Listen to Lerofo’s “Dinaledi” feat And Spaces – [Prod. And Spaces]
The beautiful thing about Botswana’s music space post-Covid and all is just how defined the sound that various artists choose to craft around has become pronounced. Lerofo is one of those creators who has stuck to his craft for a long time, picking his path and creating way before... Read more
Stream Wayne the Maestro’s ‘Fans Calling’ feat. Shaba Stele and Dr. Sasu (unmastered)
Wayne The Maestro is a Zimbabwean artist Based in Gaborone, Botswana he started making music at the age of 17 but began releasing it in 2018 with his first EP being love confessions and since then he has released several singles an EP, and his debut album LONG. His... Read more
Watch BAXON’s ‘Kulenyane’ Official Visuals
The boy Baxon prefers to keep the conversation going through his work yoh, his latest joint ‘Kulenyane’ is something of a masterstroke. A story about someone who is helping themselves to his homestead while he is looking for the coins. The visuals are clean, featuring hood shots and rich... Read more
Stream Teddy West’s ‘Life After Death’ project
Teddy West’s vocal aesthetics dominate this project, melodies, harmonies, and dance-inspired joints run through from the first to the last one. The 12-track project has features from his fellow long-time collaborators Shaba Stele, Jack Monster and Abitola, with a very notable contribution from the late Sasa Klaas. There’s some... Read more
Stream William Last KRM’s ‘For My Uncles’ EP
William’s name should be elevation by now because that’s all he aims to do. The multi-talented creative has just dropped his second music project in the form of a 6 track EP. The project which features production from Fella is a medley of stories, chronicling the entertainer’s world. Stream... Read more
One Take BW’s late #RapRelayChallenge play is  game on for real
Take is running the #RapRelayChallenge in a forward way Read more
This song is cool man, 3 dope guys coming together to put Southern Africa on the world map. ‘Lelomo’ is dope, and it sounds nice as well. Stream and listen her Read more
Watch Kate the Aesthete on “PFT”, Pretty Fine Thing [Official Video]
Kate is a whole vibe, a hard worker, and someone who is always out here showcasing their flex. Her work with Strech on this song is so on point, a definite break away from her normal mold. These are the traits that pull the curious, to a sound that... Read more
Stream LICKY’s  new ‘RUN AWAY’ single
“We are so used to running away from pain. Trying very hard to escape what hurts us, wanting to always dwell in peace, love and happiness. But life comes with pain and joy, darkness and light, fear and love. And if we try to resist the pain, the hurt... Read more