SOCIAL SCOUT: Drew Chadhall’s Radio parting post SOCIAL SCOUT: Drew Chadhall’s Radio parting post
Drew Chadhall has been undoubtedly one of the people at the forefront of the only and biggest electro music, dubstep through his indie show KrazyNormal on Yarona... SOCIAL SCOUT: Drew Chadhall’s Radio parting post

Drew Chadhall has been undoubtedly one of the people at the forefront of the only and biggest electro music, dubstep through his indie show KrazyNormal on Yarona FM, we caught his parting Facebook post which basically captures his journey. Here is what he had to say

“Doubt some know this dude and Drew Lala Chadhall are one and the same person, hehehe

Man, after an incredible 8 year tenure at Yarona FM, i have finally decided to throw in the towel.

An incredible experience i’ve had, got to do what i love and share the love of #edm with Botswana, with the world. We have created some unimaginable things, some incredible things with this KrazyNormaL brand.

Yarona fm, raised me, i went there as just a 21 year old, was given a huge position and did what i could to help develop and promote the BW music industry, helped create stars and household names, im quite sure Obado Obado Faded Te Amo Rupert Ati Lavender Roy K Team-Distant Baanthata Mokgwathi Franix MadiBankeng DJ La-timmy.Bw Neo Moahi David Deelow Montshioa (regardless of the differences) Ntheye Kabandama Goon Rashid Maele Bw MMP Family BW Sthibo Kgosiemang and other many international acts i will not dare mention here (sorry, im not the name dropping and bragging type), can tell you a young story about where it all started 🙂 Came in as the weird, zero fucks and unusual #edm guy and dayyyymn, shit blew up. There has been challenges, disappointments, victories and so much joy but ey, i have to move on.

January will be my last month with the premiere youth station and i look forward to share where i am going with you. All i can say is, its global yet CENTRAL

a big shout out to my first co-host MimiRose Gowoka, Owen Rampha aka Mr O Tshaba Tshutshu-Mix Page, my favorite guy Uyapo Khupe, Tumie Ramsden, Sesame Mosweu & Thato Matlhabaphiri aka Scar for being my biggest supporters, my best friend and brother Carlos Khali Makgato, my dopest niggaz Koziba Djkops-bw Ntogwa & Kagiso Fox Phatsimo ,my sister Refilwe Keabilwe , my long time hommie Tshepang Izzy Motsisi, big bro Dollar Mac & Bonni Dintwa aka FAT-PAPA for allowing me to be who and what I am but most of all, the KrazNormaL listener, the #edm follower, my legit hommie and sister i never had Minkx Minkie and my fucking annoying yet loving friend Loungo Andre Pitse (guys dont know how much you have legit saved a nigga during the roughest times) my business partner and amazing honest hommie Tshepiso Sebonego aka Tshepi Ess man ya rock <3 and my fucking amazing sister in my life Farah Fortune , my most precious stone Rebatho Dorothy Mtonga ….I love u sis. my big hommies Trauma BW Lepsy Dc so much support from these guys man

But most of all, i have to thank my dear MOM…the late nights, the ambition, she supported it all, didn’t understand anything but she supported it all none the less, Mom you’re my hero and i will make shit better for us <3 my brothers Evergreen Letsebe Love and Herbert Letsebe …shout out to my late brother Victor, you are the reason im a rebel and live this way nigga, hehehe..fucking problem child. To my sister and most imporatn woman in my life Mpho Podiephatshwa I dont thin you know how much you saved me, i know ke a go lapisa and annoy you sometimes, but the way you would drop everything to make sure i am winning is amazing, you are my guardian angel and i love you Mpho, thank you so much for loving edm with me and riding with me like a rockstar…

Thank you my fellow rebels

Drew Thabo Letsebe Chadhall
Rebel with a Cause :-)”


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