Listen to OFITOKWA’s ‘Live & Direct’ Listen to OFITOKWA’s ‘Live & Direct’
He wore his heart on a sleeve and put it on a this song, listen to this piece and check out the lyrics below... Listen to OFITOKWA’s ‘Live & Direct’

He wore his heart on a sleeve and put it on a this song, listen to this piece and check out the lyrics below as shared on his soundcloud

A little something for the wait.

[live and direct (lyrics)]

Nothing is impossible I talk to God,
Taj Mahal, a new garage.
I been hiding from myself I’m dripped in camouflage, 
A top achiever I could show you marks.
I’m feeling kinda raw,
It’s a system I can put together,
I get anxious when I think of better,
I’m calm in stormy weather.
In a moment I’ll be good forever,
I could have it all or I could never.
My choice on how I end up.
I’m a hot spot if you want to tether

I’m a hot spot if you want to tether
Look just gesture
But I’m kinda mobile won’t be here forever
Hope you don’t get lonely when we’re
Not together.
At the top is where I reside,
I know I’m fine,
I’ve got a blanket for colder nights
And the only thing I’m snorting is potent rhymes.
I don’t do lines, I’m always sober I need my mind

I give no reaction when I’m startled, 
I show no reaction I got winners in my circle pass the bottles.
I pay no attention to the models
Only see the vision with dawgs 
Don’t need no distractions for tomorrow.
I’ve had friends I lost over a follow
I’ve had strangers stay with me through darker times, 
that mental phase we all know.
But I guess to me progress is imminent 
I guess I’m Indifferent 
I guess it’s life my nigga, a lesson learned.

[Verse 2]
The hustle water only sometimes.
There be moments when I’m grinding till the sun rise,
But I can barely sleep at all, 
Cause visions in the night sky
Keep me up. I’m working 
I’m making luck, I’m moving
Yet feeling stuck, Decision are getting tough.
It’s The paper bag. it’s that crunch time.
When Nipsey died I shed tear, that’s my guy
I lost my voice in Jan this year, my pass time, 
was keeping up the appearances,
“Like yo i’m working. Yo don’t mind that”.
When this tape drop, I’ll leave every nigga a wide gap. 
For a moment I lost everything,
I couldn’t preach yet I had raps.
Look I hope this helps your heart
Cause I’ve said everything in a time lapse.

Now it’s time to flex it,
No time for me talk,
it’s time to press it.
It’s time to dot my I and cross my t’s while throwing gestures
Look it’s me and me and all my gees
No need for extra.

Why was testing me?
I’m a looter I want all the cheese,
Hottest rapper came with more degrees.
Ain’t no cooling me, I’ll grip tighter
I can’t let em breath. You owe me fee’s
I could light up every nigga tryna stunt on me. but I just keep it humble cause my lady asked me “OFI Please 
keep the peace. 
You a leader you a prodigy”
No need for discussions 
Know you got the brief.


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