Art inspires craft with Collections by Bk Proctor
Watch as Collections by Bk Proctor unveils its new flagship store alongside some of the most recognizable voices in urban and youth culture. To say Bk Proctor’s work is admirable is an understatement, the man and his team work hard to inspire and create new realities for what it... Read more
WATCH: Mothusi Lesolle talks “why fashion design was a career worth pursuing”
The #SERTVETII project, which is co funded by #EuropeanUnioninBotswana and Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) met with Mothusi Lesolle, a Motswana Fashion Designer of the brand #IZaurabyMothusiLesolle. Mothusi is making strides in an industry known to be predominately female and also one that falls under #TVET. Mothusi’s experience speaks to the essence of what TVET... Read more
Seiko, Fifi, Uua, Mothusi and Moonga funk up AFROPUNK
AFROPUNK Johannesburg is fast becoming a huge calendar event for music lovers, fashion connoisseurs and rule breakers from all walks of life. Botswana’s affinity to South Africa has now made it quite the attractive do that is now seeing BW’s very own represent in a major way on this... Read more
Collections By BK Proctor x Sadie – A BW Fashion story
The envelope never knew what was coming for it when one of BW’s foremost producers and ‘urban culture’ entrepreneurs decided to diversify and add into his fray a fashion line, actually a whole new movement dubbed Collections By BKProctor. In what has been an admirable run, the man has... Read more
Glotto spotted at AFROPUNK JHB
BW clothing brand Glotto is well know for it’s edgy cuts and new age fashion sense. We’ve been meaning to do a feature with them but are excited to have caught wind of the fact they were spotted at AFROPUNK JHB late last year. They dressed up UUA Murangi... Read more
Nde Uyapo & Tsholo Dikobe are worth the wool
It’s work season for the BW Fashion massive and this usually means someone out there is doing the needful, basically killing their game. Our very own trend-setters in Tsholo Dikobe and Uyapo Ketogetswe have recently been spotted in WoolWorths regalia in a recent collaborative effort which is is just... Read more
Collections by BK Proctor
BK Proctor is mostly know for his work in the music business as an entrepreneur, producer and recording artist. So when we caught wind of the fact that he’s busy in Asia building his brand new venture we had to scope out exactly what he’s doing and what the... Read more
The rise of urban fashion culture: Anti BHRV, Glotto, Real Legends, Urban Soul ++
BW has come a long way with regards for appreciation of ‘fringe’ elements in view of urban culture. Music, Street Fashion, Art and everything are finally pushing to the fore and the apparel space is gaining more vibrancy. We’re very excited about this and will over the next weeks... Read more
Tsholo Dikobe featured on a Finnish TV Show, International We Are!!
We picked up on something really awesome in Miss Tsholo Dikobe’s world, a feature on her work set to flight in FINLAND, “finnish TV – MTV3, set to air in FINLAND”. Check out her Facebook Status Read more
Feature: Seatbelts and Open Spaces
The Lusaka July is an event that’s growing in stature and was this year bigger and more exposed than in the past. So much so that some of BW’s top talent was invited to showcase at the event’s fashion night, Mothusi Lesolle of iZaura was one of the top... Read more