On Saturday, May 1st, media personalities, and journalists were spoilt to a private viewing of the newly revamped Botswana Top 10 Show. Show creator and owner of production company – Plugged In Media, Mduduzi “Mdu Tha Party” Madzwamuse took to the stage at New Capitol Cinemas Masa for an... Read more
Stream Jordan Moozy – De’Grace EP
The dude Jordan throws down mean vocals every time he steps on the plate, and De’Grave the EP is a great showcase of his greatness. Fans may already be familiar with his Ginja single which features Veezo View. The audio scape on this is smooth, ‘Give’ is as soulful... Read more
New music from Ban-T, ‘Morale’
Some new music from the prince of the city, Ban T – an easygoing song called ‘Morale’. Hoping this is a build-up to new music coming. Read more
Samantha Mogwe’s ‘VII’

Samantha Mogwe’s ‘VII’

Music September 30, 2022

A brand new project from the longstanding Samantha Mogwe is a formidable way to have, an 8-track offering that features Jordan Moozy, Mpho Sebina, production KD Bangers, and a couple of other collaborators. ‘Seven’ is the poetic piece that opens the project up, very spiritual in its setting. It... Read more
Veezo View’s “Vibes Never Lie”
At this point it’s safe to assume not a lot of cats ‘want no smoke’ with the leader of the whole damn school Veezo View, simply saying this to echo him cos truly “Vibes Never Lie” and all he does is keep bringing them. I’m glad we’ve got new... Read more
Dlozinyana’s ‘Gazin single is out
This jam has a chance to go on and actually be a fan favorite, with the right roll-out, visuals and some tweaks on the engineering – the jam could go on to have the right notoriety. It has that grungy ‘get it how you want it’ feel. Dlozinyana’s been... Read more
Play Taffiny’s  ‘Everywhere’ (Prod. by Flex The Ninja)
The name Taffiny has not been around for a hot minute, she’s one of the voices i came across a few years ago and was really excited about what she was gonna bring. It’s finally good to hear new music from her, and with Flex on the boards, we... Read more
Stream Rakheem’s ‘Lost Files’
It’s been a while since we sound traveled and explored what’s new out in BW, the truth is the net is so vast…and sometimes you miss really dope art like what the man Rakheem dropped a year ago. This is a dope listen, and ‘Self Deluded’ stood out for... Read more
Jordan Moozy & Veezo View brought that ‘Ginja’
The sounds on ‘Ginja’ go global, it’s that Moozy touch on vocals that you’ve come to expect. I’m not sure what it means to ‘Ginja’ someone nowadays but it sure sounds inviting, as opposed to the Broadhurst slang that meant something totally different back in the day, “go jinja”.... Read more
Stream Bishop BW – ‘African American’, Vol. 1 – EP
Bishop BW’s about that work, keeping to your craft and giving the people product. ‘African American’, Vol. 1 – EP is out and it’s yet another piece that serves to give you a taste of what he is about. Stream it here Read more
ABITOLA -Kgale Ke Spana (ft. Umlazi)
Checkout the first single off the #SoundCloudExclusives package as ABITOLA raiseS anticipation to the release of the #KgosiYaStrata Album. Read more