C.U.R.R.E.N.T dropped 2 projects in August
The stamina to keep working in an industry as touch as ours is necessary, backing it up with the work is probably one of the most obvious ways that one could keep themselves out there. C.U.R.R.E.N.T understands this and he’s got the work prove it. Check him out and... Read more
Veezo View’s ‘P O I N T  O F  V I E W’  (P.O.V) is officially out!!
P.O.V, possibly one of the dopest projects to come out of the BW in the recent past, dudes don’t drop tapes anymore – not entirely. I don’t mean to compare anyone but when you’ve got this much fire giving you full view of an artist’s point of view then... Read more
Stream NZA’s ‘I CAN RAP’ EP
NZA’s sound is unapologetically left field of most things coming out of Botswana Hiphop right now, very ‘back in the day’ in terms of the feel and very current in terms of his content. Track 2 takes you on verbal exhibition with his very distinct tone being carried through... Read more
Stream Lord Rico’s ‘PINK ENVELOPE 2’
New music from the boy Lord Rico, it’s an array of sound but i love that he projects his craft through a range of world sounds. ‘Mpulele’ is a stand out jam, looking forward to listening to the project some more. Jam it and share feedback too! Read more
Veezo View – Pot Of Gold (Official Music Video)
Veezo’s new project 13 track project just dropped and the video to the jam ‘Pot of Gold’ dropped a few days ahead of POV, the boys who’s been working the creative gravy train for a couple of years drops this hot on the heels of ‘BASED ON A VIEW... Read more
Watch Dj Kuchi Ft Han-C – ‘Rejection #KgaKga’ (Official Video)
The visuals game in Botswana is definitely on the up and up and there’s no song more deserving than Dj Kuchi featuring Han C’s ‘Rejection’ of a fire story to complement a fire song. The story simply goes, uni guy meets girl, falls in love, wants to kiss her,... Read more
Jack Monster – Hooligan
“Hooligan” is Jack Monster’s new jam and it’s sounding. Press play Read more
Listen to OFITOKWA’s ‘Live & Direct’
He wore his heart on a sleeve and put it on a this song, listen to this piece and check out the lyrics below as shared on his soundcloud A little something for the wait. Nothing is impossible I talk to God,Taj Mahal, a new... Read more
MMP Family – Jealous Down ( Prod Tribal Tiido )
The thing about urban music in Botswana is it’s grown in leaps and bounds, partly as an effort of the collective effort put in by groups like MMP Family. The ‘Amapiano’ sound that’s got Southern Africa going crazy right now has found it’s way to the BW market and... Read more
Stream ‘BAXON’ – Le2000
Rock The City Music’s Baxon follows up his impressive release with a fire Afro Beat infused track call ‘Le2000’ and the man doesn’t disappoint on this. It’s the story young love and all that, listen up and share this if you feel the jam. Read more