Meaningful Expressions: Reflecting on ATI’s music, journey & social commentary on #EBWSparkSomething
Social and political commentary is one of the core tenets of popular urban music culture and especially espoused in the deliberations of many a youth artist. Protest music and social views have evolved in recent years with artists like Ratsie Setlhako, 4 string guitarist Western, and conscious rapper across... Read more
The Awards, The Music & The Value Chain – Part 1
It’s awards night at your ‘favorite’ youth urban radio stations music awards night and everybody is arriving at the GICC for a night of celebration; a celebration of music and the people involved in its creation and in some categories those around them. It’s been a tough journey building... Read more
Who is telling our story
We started, started out, Started.. out with nothing, Nothing in our hands, nothing that we could hold, Beheld dreams, in far away in lands where bo Kgogomudumo lived and man conquered them. They used to tell us about them, them that were us. And we would marvel in their... Read more