Mpho Sebina & Gallo remake Brenda Fassie’s ‘Too Late for Mama’ on new single
Play Mpho Sebina to a new ear and they’ll probably wonder what this texture they are listening to is, play her to a long time follower and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their knowledge of her catalog. Mpho first came to the spotlight years ago while working in advertising... Read more
Stream AbTheActivist’s ‘NEW WAV’ EP Hosted by Deej Shutdown
AbTheActivist has been teasing about this project for a while and some of the tracks he’s dropped ahead of it pointed to a really dope listen. Take DREAMS as an example, emotive rhymes on classic soulful cuts with a sense of deep honesty had his fans lapping up bar-for-bar... Read more
Stream Veezo View x William Last KRM’s ‘Mpulele’
The bruvver Veezo View’s been teaing and keeping his fan base engaged for months on months now. Showcasing his prowess as being a top-rate rapper, he’s also been working on music for release and has now just dished out a very exciting piece of work featuring the homeboy William... Read more
Titose’s ‘Strangers’ drops from upcoming EP ‘Was it Something I Said?’
It’s often difficult to gain traction in an emerging genre, let alone an emerging industry as a vocalist. Botswana is no doubt proving herself as a healthy breeding ground for some of Africa’s most exciting voices, and we won’t mention any other so as to keep it clear that... Read more
Play Dj Wallay & MB OnTheBeat ‘s “Blessings” feat. Flyboi Que, Mandy Gopolang & Ohmz The Don
Dj Wallay & MB OnTheBeat are set to release a song titled “Blessings”. The single features artists Flyboi Que, Mandy Gopolang and Ohmz The Don. The song is the second single from Dj Wallays forthcoming EP titled “Don’t Forget The Art” following his debut single “Flashing Lights” Released on the 3rd of March... Read more
Watch Dj Kuchi’s “Move” feat Thato Jessica (Official Video)
DJ Kuchi is one dude whose collaboration game has been unmatched over the years. From work with ATI, Charma Gal and now Thato Jessica. “Move” is a beautiful song and is well worth the listen and the watch. Check it out Read more
MOONGA K. & Sampa The Great link up for ‘REBEL TIME’
Two Botswana-linked, Zambian-born, and internationally based talents just linked up on an edgy, but beautiful song called ‘REBEL TIME’, taken off of Moonga K.‘s upcoming CANDID – EP which is set for release on 22 October. ‘Rebel time’ sees Moonga do something that he isn’t known for, rap on... Read more
‘Jungle’ is 6eorge Staggz’s new EP
The homeboy 6eorge Staggz is dedicated to the craft and the music, he has consistently been voicing his views over the years and is not going anywhere anytime soon. He likes to “spit facts” and has a really raw & rugged style, all that comes through evidently on his... Read more
Listen to DRAMABOI’s ‘Tshwarelela’
The township kid dropped this song a few months ago and we, unfortunately, missed it, so today we share. ‘Tshwarelela’ is a song of hope and inspiration, a song on which Dramaboi showcases his well-known storytelling ability. He narrates the story of a kid who lives on the streets,... Read more
Stream Don Thugga’s ‘Don Szn’ EP
Nongoloza was a big song from the young king Don Thugga, a song that excited us and alerted us to the possibilities of what was to come. Following that, the broski promised fans and followers a project and he’s just delivered on that. The 7 track feature-heavy ‘Don Szn’... Read more