Hey BW! We wouldn’t want you to get caught sleeping on new talent making all the right noise. Y’all might have caught Yusef on some other work and this time we’ve got the privilege of sharing his new project. The production value on these indie projects is on another... Read more
Veezo View MAGIC (Prod by Martinigottheacid)
The releases keep coming, we just share them. Thank you Veezo, here you go world. Play yours, Africa’s own – Veezo!!! Read more
Veezo View –  Zero Owes (Prod by WNDRSZN)
This is yet another drop from Veezo’s ‘Songs that never made it’ collection, please keep it coming! Read more
Meet Priscilla Khan, BW’s rep in RedBullMusic’s #LiftAsYouRise
BW, you should be super proud of your children right now. As you might be aware, TallRacksRec’s #LiftAsYouRise did the most in un earthing and exposing some of the best talent from across Africa and 2 of BW’s very own got a chance to share the studio with Tellaman,... Read more
Play Mapetla Skhokho’s ‘Santronka’
The king of BW Kwaito in my opinion, he’s consistently doing the most even when he’s not trying. At time when all of kwaito is moving in a certain direction he’s sticking to what he know best in his new drop ‘Santronka’. If you’re kwaito purist then this one... Read more
Stream Shaba Stele – ‘Secrets On My Pillow’ (Mixtape)
A 22 track drop is unheard of in the age of streaming and all things related, Shaba Stele would not have any of that and he’s just dropped a whole library of vibes, jams, feels, views, perspectives, dreams and encapsulated that and more into his new mixtape ‘Secrets on... Read more
Picture a late afternoon in South Beach, Jamaica – this song is banging in the background, sun is out, ladies is looking like they usually do and dare i say the boy WNDR’s got the whole scene moving. That’s the vide when i listened to ‘COOKER’, well done on... Read more
IGNOR3D Ft DintleOnTheTrack – EaseYourMind
Jam the new IGNOR3D – Ease Your Mind FEAT DintleOnTheTrack. “A song to wish you a warm winter , from 3 to you. Trust Love & Honour” Release date:10 June 2019 Read more
Veezo View – What I Want(Prod by Martinigottheacid)
Another week, another dope drop. Veezo’s keeping them short and sweet as he continues his marathon music run. All we can say is keep bring them kingston, the world appreciates. Love! Read more
Tshepi D – The Hustle
Just another new Tshedi D track for your listening pleasure Read more