This is ‘No Lie’, an AnythingWithYusef x Flex The Ninja presentation
Delman Matola better known by his stage name Anything with Yusef is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and fine artist from Malawi, born and raised in Botswana. His music is often described as an alternative rock, R&B, and Sophisticated trap, He is known for his stylistically hoarse singing... Read more
EBWSoundclash: May 2019 vs 2018 vs 2017
We’ve had so much dope music and stories come out of the years and we’ve decided to take a look back and with your help, to review and revisit some of the content that you’ve experienced from over the years. We’re launching the EBW Soundclash, an initiative that seeks... Read more
Drew Chadhall’s “We Are The Sunday People” Season 1, Episode 2 is out
This is truly an amazing time for creatives in BW, as hard as it is we’re seeing the emergence of platforms, mediums and music that the Urban Culture landscape at home has been in need of. One of those is #WeAreTheSundayPeople, back with Episode 2 and “this time we up’d the... Read more
‘The Real’ is here, a dope new BW Podcast
The Real, a new podcast by Big Money StaxXx is the latest addition to the online content boom that BW is enjoying and he’s got big big plans to try and open the game up. Listen to two of the latest eposides and get a sense of his perspective... Read more
William Last KRM’s Chris Brown ‘moment in the sun’ exposes rift between entertainers and fans
It’s no secret that Botswana’s entertainment ‘industry’ is largely considered non-existent by players inside despite the massive amount of work that they’ve carried out over the years. Suggestions that it is possible to live off of the industry only are often meant with hostility or even quashed as those... Read more
Mental health through EyeOfBrandon & C4 Hunnid’s 👀
This is with is without a doubt one of the most challenging periods in the history of mankind, the entire globe is engulfed by a common enemy which at a granular level is being tackled mentally by every individual. While some preach resilience and ways to deal with it,... Read more
Priscilla, WDP, Seiko, Veezo and the BW musicians braving Covid 19
In case you haven’t heard, people all over the world are on lockdown due to covid 19 and Botswana has not been exempted from it’s impact. Botswana’s musicians are not bowing down to this situation and are in fact finding ways to share what they’re most passionate about…making music... Read more
Watch ‘Street Culture Cypher 2020’ Cyphers
BW’s urban culture is upping the ante and really taking care of it’s own, the beauty in what we’re witnessing right now is the emergence of urban culture platforms aimed at sustaining and building up the culture with some individuals carrying whole initiatives on their shoulders. Street Culture cyphers... Read more
The Culture responds to Mdu’s #Top10BWRappersList
Every year MduThaParty puts together his #Top10BWRappersList and without fail is able to get his opinion of where the rap game stands ruffling feathers and usually has everybody talking about it. It’s 2020 and he’s back with a new one, once again inviting players in the industry to react... Read more
If the event of Sundaythe 26th of January is anything to go by, then it’s safe to say that 2020 is going to be a great year for the music scene in Botswana. Music enthusiasts were treated by All Things Musical, to a delightful experience, alive radio show broadcast from... Read more