KING TUX Sunsetters ft. Lee,ATI & Ms Abbey
King Tux and family just dropped a new joint and it’s as hot as they come, new flavor. The feature list is hefty with ATI, Abbey and Lee bringing different vocal flavours to the savor. Read more
OFITOKWA – A Random Song 3
Ofitokwa is really one to look out for in 2019, the new wave is here people and it’s not disappearing at the shoreline anytime soon. It’s a freaking Tsunami and these BW chaps are just running with the barton. The sound is fresh, differernt electric and most important is... Read more
rak.0 –  Nka Dilatlha (Official Song)
If you’re one of those people that have been searching for the link to this song then you’ve not been alone at that, Rak.O and camp finally put up this sing on Soundcloud and although it’s been banging for a few months we’re gonna plug it on here right... Read more
Linxstar x Fisa x 84 x 267Shay – Sies [Prod By. Flex The Ninja]
Stream the brand new jam from this fire troupe Read more
Stretch –  Duvet Linen EP · 2019
Brand new year, brand new music, new artists and a fresh sound Read more
Dramaboi is one of those artists that do not rest on their laurels, he keeps making and dropping the music while dropping the sound. He’s gone back and collaborated with a long time friend of his in Obvdo to handle ‘The Bag’. Press play and enjoy Read more
OHMZ – Monate San

OHMZ – Monate San

Music January 14, 2019

“Feel Good Music. A party vibe. Monate San.”, this is the new joint by the Bandleng/BloemFontein native Ohmz The Don produced by Fella. Press Play Read more
Tafnaz – ‘Oh Ma Gawd’ Feat. Stretch & Kwasi AD
“oh my gawd”, this jam is building momentum so heavy and it’s still early 2019. BW keeps upping the bar year on year and this here production is setting us up for a monstrous. Tafnaz, Kwasi AD & Stretch have done the most with this here jam, press play... Read more
Play Scar’s ‘Happy For Me’
The hiphop movement in Botswana keeps growing and the likes of Caesar, Drak & Tiido keep delivering the kind of sound that excites and pushes against the grain even though the old school is what the new school considers the grain they are personally going against. Scar is happy,... Read more
Stream 7daysOfSummer –  Day 5 of 7
This song is so smooth you might need no glezerini ka mariga ga o e reeditse. 7daysOfSummer has been bringing a really mature and experimental sound since his 2017/18 foray. “Friday, the day we begin to sin, the day the fox meets the vixen, the day we mingle, the... Read more