Play Surry Sosa – ‘Last summer’ EP
This tape has some jewels on it, the new wave is truly flowing with all the dope drip. I honestly had come across Surry Sosa’s music before on Soundcloud but i’m especially excited about this project. 808 and Summer heavy, jam it Read more
Stream ‘Time’ by AmoBeatz, Mwanje, FLEX THE NINJA & Moonga K. (Music)
The dynamic duo of FLEX THE NINJA & AmoBeatz continue to blaze trails major with their latest collaborative effort which features one of my fave artists in Moonga K.. I’m not too sure who the other vocalist are as Amo ‘sings sometimes’ but Mwanje’s voice gave this a distinct... Read more
Pour the water and bath, ‘Tshela Metsi o tlhape’ is the looping theme in Dramaboi’s latest offering produced by Bomber Beats. The storyteller in Dramaboi expertly shares views, philosophies,, pain, dreams and as he just ‘wants to go to work’ puts heart into the relaxed jam which is ironically... Read more
StaxXx – Fear Of God
Listen, i have a bit of a bias when it comes to StaxXx. And thats because the man knows how to do his thing and for the longest time has been growing his craft. The way he curates the feel for the new single ‘Fear of God’ is flawless.... Read more
iDLE – A DUMMIE’S GUIDE TO Understanding iDLE [EP]
New age culture was never ready for the coming of iDle and the brilliance of the work as incapsulated into the 5 track ‘iDLE – A DUMMIE’S GUIDE TO Understanding iDLE’, the EP. As short as it is, the project is a masterpiece with a bit of show boating... Read more
Veezo View – Young Khuti (Prod By Flex The Ninja)
Veezo drops a very dope vibe in the form of Young Khuti, a dope production by Flex The Ninja from his “Songs that never made it” series. This is a series you definitely do not want to miss. Press Play Read more
Yaw Bannerman – Bad Example (Prod. Amo Beatz)
Yaw Bannerman is an unsigned artist & producer building a strong organic fanbase while releasing exceptional quality music. Bad Example is yet another exceptional piece of work, his latest single off his upcoming project titled #NBTBD (Na Bannerman Ting Be Dis) Which translates to “This is the Bannerman thing”... Read more
Listen to Thato Jessica’s  ‘Honest’ (Prod. Amo Beatz)
Thato Jessica asked the question “Have you ever been in a situation where you’re tired of the mind games and just want the truth? “, if that is you then this song is definitely meant for you. Amo Beatz produces yet another masterful soundscape for this joint as he continues... Read more
Play Veezo’s ‘Finesse’ and ‘Owe You’
Many artists have those songs in the ‘files’ that they know they’ve always wanted to share, most of these never made it to any projects. This hasn’t stopped Veezo from dropping a little something for the fans, make that two in fact. We have feeling he dropped some ‘finesse’... Read more
WNDR’s talent is clearly not missing, not by a long stretch. The musician follows up last weeks Vickers Ave (a song by Flex The Ninja) release with yet another scotching track, this time he’s featuring ZA based KLY. Such a smooth jam, press play! Read more