Jesonyana just dropped ‘NO 1 2 LOOK UP 2’
“Somebody warns the people go tla Cyclone Elini”, that’s the opening hook from the latest offering from Jesonyana, the Ramotswa native whose come-up is super solid and is the star in the making. His content is honest, not too chiseled, and definitely always has tounges wagging with his wit,... Read more
Don Thugga’s ‘Don Szn 2’ is OUT
Don Thugga is one of Botswana’s exciting, emerging voices in music. His first project ‘Don Szn‘ was packed with bangers for the streets, with Nongoloza being one of his standout projects. He is back yet again proving himself with a 25-track offering, Don Szn 2’s length definitely breaks tradition... Read more
MIA Musique’s new anthem feat MMP Family, SCAR, Motlha, Young Amazing, Kheza Matofane, Sleazy
The relationship between music and apparel is a long-standing one in urban youth culture, with Botswana labels young and older having leveraged musical voices to get eyeballs and ears listening as they amp up the work they do in their different endeavors. MIA Clothing, through MIA Musique’s new anthem... Read more
EBW joins #GautengMeansBusiness for a bumper #SportingGP, #MusicalGP and Business Events Calendar
Johannesburg – Gauteng is the place to be this week – with a power-packed calendar of quality events to suit every lifestyle, budget, and business event planning. From #SportingGP and #MusicalGP to #GPLifestyle and #GautengMeansBusiness, the week will see Gauteng displaying its best all with the aim of building... Read more
February 2023, Johannesburg – Showbiz Entertainment Africa (SEAfrica) conference, now a hybrid experience, is the only event in Africa dedicated to the development and growth of the entertainment industry across creative disciplines. With exhibitions, workshops and networking sessions it is the ultimate business meeting place for talent, managers, entrepreneurs,... Read more
Moonga K. on the cover of this dope Spotify playlist
To say the power of music cannot be stopped or contained is a definite understatement. Music has the power to move, sway, influence, numb, connect and spread love, and Spotify is one global platform that’s harnessed this influence. There are millions of playlists on Spotify. They’re created by┬áSpotify listeners... Read more
Stream Sir Diamond INT – Nkatumele (feat. Sul -Q & Thato Tladi)
The diversity and quality of music coming out of Botswana has honestly been amazing to watch. From dance, club, new age hiphop, afro tech, RnB, and everything in between, new age producers, writers, and composers are redefining what we will come to get accustomed to as Botswana music and... Read more
Stream Ms Abbey’s “Iwe” feat. MeLo – Single
Produced by Prez Beatz, and written by Ms Abbey & Melo, “Iwe” is a feel-good love song. “Ke tuka molelo pelong ya me… a re ratane re nyalane”. This afrobeat-inspired jam is easygoing, with references of sounds from across the continent as it segues into a solid verse by... Read more
Watch A T I – S I M O (Official Visualizer)
The boy ATI is once again starting of another yeah the right way, ‘SIMO’ short for simolola or start is his first drop of 2023 and boy is it sounding fresh. The lyricism is of course telling, of story, moments, feelings, with of course some brag and bravado while... Read more
Stream Ohmz The Don’s “Ke tla re WOW”
The vibe is nice and easy on this song, “Ke tla re WOW”. The song begins with Ohmz acknowledging that it may not be the traditional time for setting new goals, but he adopts a “new year, new me” mentality regardless. He emphasizes staying focused on his own path... Read more