Jordan Moozy & Veezo View brought that ‘Ginja’
The sounds on ‘Ginja’ go global, it’s that Moozy touch on vocals that you’ve come to expect. I’m not sure what it means to ‘Ginja’ someone nowadays but it sure sounds inviting, as opposed to the Broadhurst slang that meant something totally different back in the day, “go jinja”.... Read more
Stream Bishop BW – ‘African American’, Vol. 1 – EP
Bishop BW’s about that work, keeping to your craft and giving the people product. ‘African American’, Vol. 1 – EP is out and it’s yet another piece that serves to give you a taste of what he is about. Stream it here Read more
ABITOLA -Kgale Ke Spana (ft. Umlazi)
Checkout the first single off the #SoundCloudExclusives package as ABITOLA raiseS anticipation to the release of the #KgosiYaStrata Album. Read more
Abitola – Don’t Forget Me (feat. Vigos) – Single
Some new music from the boy on form, Abitola. Linking up with Vigos on “Don’t forget me”. Single is out Read more
Mane Dilla – S’thandwa Same (feat. 7Days) – Single
Fresh new music from Mane Dilla is always a welcome development, mans’ last drop was a while back but he’s back with a new tune for the summer, featuring 7DOS. The beat on ‘S’thandwa Same’ is fresh, has laid back chill and is an obvious reference to the slowed-down... Read more
Fresh new: Pablo%8 ‘Simping’ ft Sebaga(music video)
Just came across this fellas work and it’s sounding sweet so far, his name is Pablo%8 and he’s carving his lane over there…just doing nice music. Definitely looking forward to seeing him do more. His video, which features Sebaga is out. Press play and watch Read more
Sphinx – Family (feat. Frost Legato & Dlozinyana) – Single
Just some new music from new name Sphinx featuring Frost Legato & Dlozinyana Read more
Stream Ohmz The Don ‘Wena (feat. Dinho & Veezo View)’ – Single
Ohmz is a man of the craft, that OG hip-hop feel with an ear for his current. His new single ‘Wena’ is an ode to the classic hip-hop love song. He bears his heart on a joint alongside Dinho & Veezo View, all of them speaking heart, mind, and... Read more
Anything with Yusef’s “I’LL TELL YOU AT MIDNIGHT” is OUT!
I’ve talked a bit about Anything with Yusef’s talent with fellow industry commentators in the last couple of weeks…that conversation tends to circle around how immensely talented he is, his chosen sound and way of expression make him one of the most unique voices in Botswana, on the continent... Read more
Listen to Samantha Mogwe feat Jordan Moozy – OXYGEN
“It is with great pleasure to share this brand new music offering by Samantha Mogwe and Jordan Moozy, titled OXYGEN, which premiers on Thursday 4th of August 2022. This is a gorgeous fusion of various cultures (Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe), which also highlights elements of Neo-Soul and Afro-Beats. This... Read more