Watch  M.O.D – Ride Or Die (Official Video)
It’s the boy M.O.D yole wa MMP Family and he’s out here having fun on his new track ‘Ride Or Die’. Check out the visuals as the man is clearly having big fun on the Read more
C.U.R.R.E.N.T been on ‘Time-Out’ and dropped an EP to talk about that
“I know it’s been a while since you heard from me. But this is probably my last offering this year….or let me say for a long time (gotta get my life together and all). Here are the ones that didn’t make it. Enjoy”, this was C.U.R.R.E.N.T’s EP announcement post.... Read more
This man is clinical with the work. He insists on quality and this is by design, and no ‘BIG MISTAKE’ at all. His work speaks for itself, “Life is Good” is such a classic tune. His work with Veezo back in the day changed the game up, and all... Read more
Danxellé’s ‘Distance’ is an AfroBeat masterpiece
We honestly haven’t paid too much attention to the work of the young man Danxellé, with only a few tastes of his work thus far. Ignore him as we may have – his work just kicks in the door and demands a seat at the playlist table. This ‘Distance’... Read more
Makwinja & WNDRSZN’s ‘ Vuka!’ single is out
WNDRSZN’s ability to cross genres and never miss a step is insane. He sounds natural on this piano-inspired production and that’s that when it comes to him. Drake and Black Coffee recently had the world talking about Drizzy’s genre-bending tendencies and I have to say WNDR’s been at that... Read more
Stream Anything with Yusef’s “Shanghai”
I’m putting it out there man!!!! Anything with Yusef is my favorite artist of the year 2022 thus far – worldwide. Need proof of why this is??? Just go back and listen to his work from the High-Grade collab, WNDR, work with NZA, definitely his pieces with Flex The... Read more
Ezra Neethings’ ‘Danko’ has been remixed, with NImix KHOISAN
This has undoubtedly been one of the most impressive runs by a BW musician breaking onto mainstream radio. ‘Danko’ is the smash single by gospel artist Ezra Neethings, admittedly made popular by its pop culture influences. This is a thank you song, talking to God about Ezra’s appreciation of... Read more
Watch Wayne the Maestro’s ‘Wild Wild West’ (feat. Teddy West)(Video)
These are the visuals to ‘Wild Wild West’, Wayne the Maestro’s new video with a storyline that speaks to the song concept. “When I pull up it’s a stick up”, he chants, and the visuals respond – guns, women, cars, and bravado. Watch it here Read more
Jackalass Onetym x Q-vo Pikasso – MASHELENG (Performance video)
Watch Jackalass Onetym x Q-vo Pikasso’s MASHELENG performance video, shot by BenStar Read more
Psy, The Menace says “It Rained Last Wntr…” ET out
Psy, The Menace‘s alternative sounds have built steady followership through platforms like The Perfect Noise. The man works his raps into multiple beatscapes, making him quite the sonic traveler. His latest project “It Rained Last Wntr…” is evidence of this and you can stream it here now. Read more