Stream Nicole’s ‘Reminder’ single
This is the sound of a new voice coming out of BW, with the promise of more music to come. She’s been seen doing circuits like The Perfect Noise and so forth. We cant wait to hear from her, for now you can stream her music. Read more
This song is cool man, 3 dope guys coming together to put Southern Africa on the world map. ‘Lelomo’ is dope, and it sounds nice as well. Stream and listen her Read more
Watch Kate the Aesthete on “PFT”, Pretty Fine Thing [Official Video]
Kate is a whole vibe, a hard worker, and someone who is always out here showcasing their flex. Her work with Strech on this song is so on point, a definite break away from her normal mold. These are the traits that pull the curious, to a sound that... Read more
Stream LICKY’s  new ‘RUN AWAY’ single
“We are so used to running away from pain. Trying very hard to escape what hurts us, wanting to always dwell in peace, love and happiness. But life comes with pain and joy, darkness and light, fear and love. And if we try to resist the pain, the hurt... Read more
Ubuntu Band’s collab with Malome Vector, ‘Mangoane’ video is out
It is only fair the most loved song on Malome Vector’s debut album be the first one to get visuals! Now, South Africa’s Ambitious Entertainment introduces better halves to your families with #Mangoane, a song definitely loved because of the work done by Botswana’s Ubuntu Band and Lesotho’s Malome... Read more
Have you heard Shaba Stele’s ‘Love is Evol’ EP
Listen, if you are a Shaba Stele fan then you already know what time it is – it’s love time, and yuuuuup…Love is Evol, in some ways, in ways that you feel, and ways that do not matter, while mattering the most. Ikutlwele, from his EP Read more