Watch OneTake’s ‘Perspective’ video
This joint is reminiscent of the yesteryear, Wu-tang, touch rap from a rapper who is here to showcase that “bars do matter”. It’s all perspective, and your viewpoint on it all may be mandatory. Watch the visuals to the work from his ‘Perspective’ Read more
Watch Don Thugga’s ‘Locked Down’ feat. Nfana Ka Mah (Visuals by @Cyc Jouzy )
Don Thugga has to be one of my favorite artist from the last couple of years. Besides being raw, he is a likable figure who has brought a really nice new-age texture to the new game. The ‘Nongoloza‘ hit maker’s been putting in some hard work and his Don... Read more
Watch OHC.’s “Pull Up” ft. Linxstar, Ice Cold Mob & Jordan Moozy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
You may be wondering who OHC is. Well, the answer to that may require a conversation or for us to “Pull up pull up pull” to Linxstar, Ice Cold Mob, Jordan Moozy and Flex the Ninja to get the answer to what all that is about. At the moment... Read more
Stream Lord Jo$h – ‘Down for You’ ft Zoey Noya (Prod Izvare x Flex the ninja)
The boy Lord Jo$h‘s got a really great palette about him, having had him for the first time in early 2019 through ‘Choose Wisely’, his ability and passion for higher art keep coming through strongly on his work. He’s just gifted fans a solid joint this valentines and paired... Read more
Stream Jase Mo’s ‘Wait’
Check some music out from Jase Motsumi, boy sounding nice Read more
Have you seen Dj Kuchi & Mpho Sebina’s ‘Toro’ Video?
Man, you can’t help but admire Dj Kuchi’s knack for song-making, not just any, but stand-out contributions to the Botswana music landscape. His catalogue is quite stellar as well, working with ATI, Charma Gal, El Zintle, Dato Seiko, Thato Jessica and many more names have only added to his... Read more