Watch 2KEE ft Zeus [Official Video]
The ‘Greek God’ has been hard at work with many projects in the last couple of years but is evidently working hard still at this music things. In an official press statement from his team, we know that “Zeus recently collaborated with a Liberian artist 2KEE who featured him... Read more
Their Real Names’ ‘The Experiment’ EP is out
“We have a little late Valentine’s gift for you guys. It’s a 4 song E. P called The Experiment. It’s our first project and it took us forever to get it out because we had to make every little part of it ourselves. We were so drained we almost... Read more
Stream Gomolemo Motse’s ‘Matters of the Heart’
Gomolemo Motse’s fresh voice first graced the BW fans ear sometime last year when she dropped the monster single ‘Came Back’, from then on our curiosity was stoked and we’ve been following her moves ever since. The young songstress has just dropped her 8 track EP and man is... Read more
Stream IceColdMob’s ‘Hold On’ feat Samantha Mogwe
Lawwwwt! Yes, that’s the expression we had to drop post hearing this song, a power collaborations that pits the very talented crew in the same arena with arguably BW’s most recognizable and classic voice in R&B, Samantha Mogwe. It is the of love and everybody’s dropping songs left right... Read more
Bump MikhailGotWork’s ‘THE WEIRD BEAT TAPE’
Listen, it’s hard for me personally not to share with you all something as dope as what Mikhail just dropped. Following very closely on his other release this is more of an expression, a play with soundscapes that journeys you into his playful mind as he experiments with tonnes... Read more
Mane Dilla – USD2BMY (Official Music Video)
Check out ManeDilla’s new Obvdo produced joint, a young vibe Read more
Stream Abigail Isa – ‘Love in the Time of an Existential Crisis’
Sticking it out for what you love isn’t all that it’s cut out to be at times, but if you’re a firm believer in realising dreams then you put your head on the block and wait things out while working your butt off by brining the product – this... Read more
Stream Always Moving’s ‘High Grade’
I’m note entirely sure who High Grade is but my sources have kind of confirmed that it’s a collective made up of a bunch of really talented people working in the BW & Southern African urban scene. The collective includes regular collaborators in Amo Beatz, WNDR, Anything With Yusef,... Read more
Stream Mikhail’s new ‘Underrated’ project
Mikhail’s really turning the screw on the game with tonnes of quality work at the moment and has been doing so for the past year or so in case you didn’t know. Underrated has the undertones of a talented individual really doing his best to showcase his diversity, strength... Read more
Watch TGB L!nxstar feat. Veezo View’s – Like A Movie [Official Video]
The iBDub representative, Mr. Vaarbz and Sir Swagoo just dropped with the king of the Jiggy flow and they just dropped a hot one laced on a beat by the swank master, jiggy producer. If you’re confused by all these descriptors then it’s not been intentional, just a bit... Read more