Vee Mampeezy – Another Level ft. Dj Sumbody (Official Video)
Oh man! 2020, that’s as far as we should go and then let you watch this but we really have to go a bit further and applaud General Vee Mampeezy on ‘Another Level’. The man’s staying power and just general enterprise is on we wish upon the music industry... Read more


Music January 30, 2020

Stream The Beginning here, included on our publication as part of the breakout series. This project was released on 6 January 2020 Read more
Kast drops ‘Ntswembu’

Kast drops ‘Ntswembu’

Music January 29, 2020

Kastallion dropped a brand new single about a week ago and some fans are not too happy about it, you also might know that to have skin in this game the man has had to take all the criticism and grow and even thicker skin so this reaction will... Read more
Play LordRico’s ‘2020 Vision Talk’
Setting visions and everything is super important for anyone in any profession and our sounding board is showing us that quite a few people in the game are setting theirs in motion. Here is Lord Rico’s Read more
Stream BanT – Band$ Up (Official Audio)
On your marks, get set, ready…Go! That’s the modus-operandi this 2020 it seems and Ban T is not trying to be left behind, especially as one of the leaders of the new school. ‘Band$ Up’ is out and homie really is just setting the scene for his year, with... Read more
Connect The Culture: 2020 to the future
When we first envisioned this platform, we simply just set out to establish a central repository for BW youth culture so as to try facilitate a conversation about Botswana Music and urban youth culture. We just to did it because 7-10 years ago Botswana Youth Culture was not searchable... Read more
Ati Ft Veezo View – Ceasor 2 Ceasor (Prod. Riley C)
And we’re off in 2020 with another one i believe, ATI and Veezo on one song this early in the year is a real taste of whats to come and this one sets the bar right up there. The storytelling and the setting for the song is impeccable as... Read more
Luther October – More Of Me (feat. Imole & Slow G
Listen to Luther October’s ‘More of Me’ Read more
Watch Ms Abbey- Vacation (Official Music Video)
I’ve been a little slow to pick up on Ms Abbey’s music and overall body of work and that’s really my fault, because i actually thought her music was from across the borders the first time i heard it and there’s actually not much wrong with that. ‘Vacation’ was... Read more
ATI, German D, Frost, Priscilla and more BW Music we’re expecting in 2020
There’s been so many hints and snippets dropped by BW’s musos since the beginning of the year and we thought to highlight some of the music you can look forward to in 2020. Priscilla’s album is on the way, Flex The Ninja and Amo Beats have promised us an... Read more