Stream Xsh Trillest – ZEN Ep
We don’t know much about Xsh Trillest, but then again our duty goes beyond that. Most times we just want to find the music and catalogue it for you so here goes, Zen EP is an interesting sound from an artist who is exploring sound and brave enough to... Read more
✞HlllRD –  F. U. C f***d up children
Man it’s ‘so wavy’ out here on the internet when it comes to the amount of untapped and yet to go mainstream talent, Another “young producer/artist with a passion for goth rock pop hip hop culture ..but fluent in all genres and dark as f**** unsigned talent stuck in... Read more
Stream Yves St Guan’s Cadence EP
We found this tape which dropped online 2 months back, it’s amazing how much fresh talent there is in the BW space. Yves St Guan’s sound is so separate with obvious inclinations to the new school sound although unconfined by the label. Yves St Guan is “Rapper, Guitarist, Producer,... Read more
Word on the street is that there is a whole lot of excitement around the music VIET GANG has been making, with their track record (seriously, no puns intended). The boys SAME HELL. DIFFERENT DEVILS. LP VIET GANG – ALLADIN (PROD. BY YVES ST GUAN) SPTMBR THE 3RD X... Read more
Thato Jessica – Addicted (Official Video)
Thato Jessica’s ‘Problem’ was one of the biggest songs in the last couple of months, it would seem that she and producer’Flex The Ninja’, shot & Edited By Local Corner BW. Read more
BanT – Wild One (feat. Veezo View)
Ban T and Veezo have a new jam together and as usual the combination that has brought us so many smash hits has delivered a monster tune. Press play     Read more
Ozi F Teddy – Lord of Mercy II
We’re taking our time to review the music on Ozi F Teddy’s new tape but have decided to press ahead and share. Let us know what your thoughts are, it’s good to see the man’s is working as hard as ever Read more