Trippy Rhe -My Bxsh (Prod by AMMo Ski Mask)
Trippy got new music, i’ll probably have to give it a listen a couple of times. The visuals are different and the song as we say is not for the babies, very brave and that i like! Press play and watch Read more
TRVG -Tswellopele (Prod by TRVG n ROYAL DJ)official video.
“these past couple of years i felt like every step i took was like 10steps back for me.Honestly there were times i felt lyk giving up,this is one song that has kept ON motivating me through out.Im wiser and more content with myself and my life now.Since it was... Read more
The HeartBeat Sounds team has been one of the busiest camps in the last couple of years and the homegirl Licky has been a big part of that workflow. From the very first time she dropped a solo, Free Love featuring Orakle, to the monster jam Real Bad produced... Read more
S.E.G. – Neighbourhood Superstars
Throw back tape by the homies S.E.G, still very fresh. Check it out Read more
Y’all might know TR from plenty of the work that he’s been dropping both as a solo artist and producer. He’s back with another and is sounding very determined with the music. Check out “The System”, a very solid compilation of music that sounds like and actually does deserve... Read more
Brando – A Song For Mama feat Robbie Rob & Ammo Ski Mask
Fresh new heat coming out of Faya Choon Republik. Produced by Ammo Ski Mask. #song4mama Read more