“GaonaLive is finally on BTV”
“GaonaLive is finally on BTV”, those were the ecstatic words of the team as they were announcing that their content would finally be taking to the bigger screen starting from 19th May 2017 at 1830. “Thank you to the team that made it possible and to all our amazing... Read more
Kay Cee – Inamba Namba(Official Music Video)
Check out the new video by Rock Lefatshe’s “First Lady” Kaycee for the Song Inamba Nambda, the song with banging beats dominated the charts last year and has finally got a visual interpretation. Let us know what you think of it Read more
MMP Family – They Don’t Know [Directed & Shot by OWEN BANDS]
Fresh new cut from the hard working collective MMP Family. Shot by Owen Bandz, the video for “They Don’t Know” is fresh with the music being the usual balance of Hiphop and Kwaito. The beat is reminiscent of some 90’s hiphop greats. Read more
Dramaboi’s Music is international on MTN
“The term international as a word means involvement of, interaction between or encompassing more than one nation, or generally beyond national boundaries”, this is according to Wikipedia. It would seem Dramaboi and his team have made it part of an expansion strategy to give his music the reach it... Read more
Fangz – Politrix [Video]
Check out the fresh new dope track by the artist Fangz. He brings to t it something of an art that is being lost, storytelling and rap that taps into the conscience. We hope you enjoy this video from the boy! Read more
The boy WNDR seems to be working harder than most this year, he is back with the girl Gabby and is sounding super fresh on the song Everlast. It’s dope! Read more
#BehindTheMask (Part III) – AMMo Ski Mask talks Orakle beef and 2017 plans
Ammo Ski Mask takes to #BehindTheMask to talk about the Orakle beef as well as drops hints on his new music and 2017 plans. We’re really excited to see what’s going to come up out of his camp. Read more
Moonga K is “Apple Music’s Favourite New Artist of the Month!” for April
We didn’t want to spoil this for anyone so we’ll let the man of the moment express himself at these exciting news, “Guess what? I’m Apple Music‘s Favourite New Artist of the Month! I’m so honored and thankful for the continued support from Apple Music, and I’d like to... Read more
Nomadic “Marothodi Mixtape” Compilation · 2017
Nomadic dropped a surprise mixtape hot off the release of his already classic album ‘The Pula Citizen’ and the internet loved it, it’s a dope listen too. Click below and enjoy Read more