Music, musings, and visions of moving things forward
I often find myself conversing with fellow creatives, be it producers, rappers, singers, about the state of the industry we are all in, often when I’m out & and about. We all have our different lived experiences, lived experiences that help us to form our varying opinions on certain... Read more
My Perfect Noise Experience – Stevie G DJ’s journey: Part 2
As I submitted that last article to the editor, I knew for sure I was going to do a part 2 of my Perfect Noise (PN) journey. The experience, the vibe, the pure adrenaline left on stage…there was so much left unsaid in that piece; it had me like... Read more
My Perfect Noise Experience – Stevie G DJ’s journey
With the way the last 2 years have been set up for the entertainment industry, I count my blessings twice for having had the chance to attend a number of events. Over and above the Botswana International Music Conference, Wayne The Maestro’s #LongStoryShort listening session & Psy, The Menance’s... Read more
Meet Stevie G DJ, a new voice on the EBW platform
I keep debating with myself on how to break the ice, this being my first official piece and all. I say first official piece because I did one about Wayne The Maestros #LSS last month. In that article I share a bit about the album, which I’m yet to... Read more
Wayne The Maestro just dropped his debut Album #LongStoryShort. Stream it
I checked out Wayne’s Listening Session a few days back. I’m not even going to talk about how heavy the project is. I mean it’s debuting at 8th on the Top RNB Albums on Apple Music. It’s also charting on Audiomack as well. Mostly produced by Shaba Stele the... Read more